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Notice: There are newer flashes that hasn't been added here yet. I'll get around to it eventually.

These are almost all flash files that I've created myself over the years. Some are not on the list because I don't want to connect them with me. Others are not on the list because they are new and I've not put them here yet (I won't update the list as soon as I make something, I'll do it a couple at a time).

Each flash has received a color code that represents how "sexual" it is.

Green=Not very sexy at all. Should be safe for work in most places where people don't give a damn about stuff like for example violence and only care about nudity and pornograpy.
Yellow=Contains material that's a little edgy or even erotic in some fashion. Implied sexuality. This covers a big range, everything from just kissing to light clothing to weird camera angles.
Red=Visible penis, vagina or female nipple.

The list order is nothing fancy, it goes from newest to oldest. But each flash has been put in a category represented by some capitalized letters. You can use CTRL+F to jump between category entries in the list.

LOOP=A basic random flash loop. May have "light" ActionScript, or none at all.
L∞P=A more "advanced" flash loop. Usually has nifty ActionScript or several music tracks.
ANI=Flash animation with a beginning and an end.
GAME=Playable flash game.
CLIP=It's basically just a video embedded in a flash file.
INAC=Interactive, you need to change between pages yourself.
THRE=An archived thread.
APH=Flash loop: Anon Party Hard.
SIMF=Flash loop: Simpsons or Futurama themed.
HYBR=Hybrid, most likely a movie first and then it ends as a loop.

As you can tell a lot of the flashes doesn't have a text attached to them, however I plan to comment them all sometime before the day I die. It's not something I look forward to doing so don't hold your breath.

Thumbnail screenshots were taken from the first frame of the flash file. Sometimes it doesn't look like anything, I might replace those that turned out bad in the future.

The WAV music loops used in my flash loops can be downloaded in this huge thread. Feel free to use them in your own flashes if you like. I have made more music loops than flash loops so there are some songs in that thread that doesn't appear in this list.

----->       Got anything you want to say or ask? Please post in this thread!

Note 1: You can click the file size to go to the flash's home page on swfchan.
Note 2: Feel free to download and spread these flashes as much as you want to!
Note 3: Audio and/or visual source is usually included inside the flash file itself but hidden outside the stage. You can use the [TALL] JavaScript link to reveal the source if it's not noted in the flash's listing text. Sometimes in the older flashes I put the source to the left of the stage instead of below it, then you can use the [WIDE] link.
Note 4: Flashes without a text have had their date automatically set; they may appear at an incorrect position (though it's mostly correct or near correct). If the flash has a text it means I have verified the date.

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 LOOP8may2012ohgodwhat.swf1.40 MiB
Remix of a Swedish kid song by Nicke & Mojje from around 2000. Thought this gif worked with the silly music. Part of the lyrics translates to something like "Where's the country where the bananas are being bent, is it the same as where the indians live?".
SOURCE: DJ White Magic - Var Ligger Landet Där Man Böjer Bananerna
 LOOP23apr2012clownbubble.swf2.15 MiB
 LOOP23apr2012window_cleaning.swf2.04 MiB
 LOOP22apr2012port666.swf2.47 MiB
 LOOP20apr2012handjob.swf2.40 MiB
 LOOP18apr2012dogaround.swf646.8 KiB
 LOOP16apr2012golfball.swf1.22 MiB
 LOOP15apr2012red_thoughts.swf3.07 MiB
 LOOP10apr2012reliefspin.swf681.3 KiB
 LOOP5apr2012vroom.swf1.83 MiB
 LOOP3apr2012dildostruck.swf1.37 MiB
 LOOP3apr2012bloodbreathe.swf677.1 KiB
 LOOP2apr2012shymaid.swf957.5 KiB
 LOOP2apr2012arniebump.swf0.99 MiB
 LOOP1apr2012catexplorer.swf1.07 MiB
 LOOP31mar2012babytime.swf355.0 KiB
 LOOP31mar2012pencils.swf701.1 KiB
 LOOP30mar2012water_and_flame.swf558.9 KiB
 LOOP30mar2012FireWithFire.swf1.92 MiB
 LOOP30mar2012yeehaw.swf973.9 KiB
 LOOP29mar2012tingling_saltation.swf4.03 MiB
 LOOP28mar2012colorwhirl.swf1.79 MiB
 LOOP28mar2012headgrow.swf0.99 MiB
 LOOP28mar2012drool.swf289.5 KiB
 LOOP28mar2012get_it_while_its_easy.swf2.73 MiB

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