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 SWF30jan2017See You Space Starboy.swf4.58 MiB 1529 pop
I was never really a fan of Star Wars but after seeing this movie I'm done with the franchise, Disney's version of it is not for me. One thing that always bugged me in SW is how red automatically equals evil and this scene in the movie really bathed in red. So using ImageMagick I swapped around the colors. Looks like good-guy Disney killed off Han! The music syncs with him starting to fall, the video can loop several times before it starts to de-sync. The lyrics fit well with the expression on his face as well. I remember hearing this remix on the radio while I was biking home in the rain and I immediately knew I had to use it in a loop with Han Solo. It's a funny coincidence that the character holding the lightsaber in the movie is named "Kylo" and the music remix is done by "Kygo".
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)
 AUDIO:  The Weeknd ft Daft Punk - Starboy (Kygo Remix)

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