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I love the percussion in this song and set up a little scene for it. The footage is not from any campaign mission, it's just a multiplayer map where I positioned all the units/structures. There's normally pulsing glow on the tanks (like on the Flame Tower) but I wanted to make it look like they were parked so those pixels doesn't pulse. Against my better judgement I used non-bitmaps on top of the Flame Tower's glowing pixels to make them loop independently of the background bitmaps (the water) however depending on how the flash is resized the background glow might show behind the vector shapes due to rounding errors when scaling, anti-aliasing is off in the swf. The glow might also go outside the pipes of the Flame Tower. I knew about this issue when making the flash but when I tested it in many different sizes I couldn't get any rounding errors for some reason so I went with it. Just my luck. Should have added a still image in front of the Flame Tower (or better, cropped the water movement). Besides that I like how the scene turned out, the Grenadier's body movement is randomized a bit. The Rifle Soldier, who is guarding the area with his Attack Dog, grows more and more tired as he is listening to the Grenadier blather on. He just arrived with the APC parked outside the entry. I wonder what he had to say?
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: OpenRA (Red Alert 1)
 AUDIO:  (Red Alert) Frank Klepacki - Trenches

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