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I spent a lot of time cutting this together to sync decently with the music. Turned out pretty good eventually though maybe I should have further reduced the scene with the ice sliding around 100 ms. I read the One Punch Man manga when it was relatively new and didn't know an anime was coming so that was a pleasant surprise. I also didn't know that the manga wasn't the original; it's actually a re-draw of the author's web comic, the art of which gave me a good chuckle the first time I saw it. I'm looking forward to season 2 of the anime! But I've heard that the same studio that did the first season won't be animating the second one, worrying since the first one looked fantastic. I remember back when the One Piece anime started it had nice art but eventually it changed to such a point that I thought it looked downright bad. Hopefully these new guys doing One Punch Man will mimick the style of the first season! If nothing else I'm sure it'll still be funny.
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 VISUALS: One-Punch Man (2015) - Opening without text
 AUDIO:  Dance With the Dead - Robeast

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