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Found this gif on the day of eternal sorrow --25jul2017-- when Adobe and the owners of most major browsers announced that they were going to turn their back on flash in 2020. I instantly decided to make it into a flash loop. However I couldn't settle on a music track to go with it until I listened closer to the lyrics in Hubnester Rising. The song is clearly about a flash artist crying out to people in the dwindling days of flash support. The filename "flashcarrier" is fitting both because Machinae Supremacy has made another nice song called "Flagcarrier" and because our hero in the visuals carries the flag of flash. But it also makes me think about the future, how many of us "flashcarriers" will there be left? So few seem to care about this great technology that we're supposed to abandon just because some companies decided it was easier to drop it than improve it. Anyway, I should have polished this flash a bit more. The framerate changes depending on the timestamp in the audio and sometimes it can look glitchy if it resets the visual loop near a frame that it just played. I could have safeguarded against that. The biggest flaw though is that there's a visual glitch in the bottom left corner! It was in the original gif as well. I almost couldn't believe I had left it in when I finally noticed a little while after uploading the finished swf to /f/ because I knew about it beforehand. Had seen it when I first found the gif and made a mental note to cover it up in flash. But since it took three months to pick the audio I forgot about it! Oh well. The outsides of the visuals are just scaled and darker instances of the visual's frames, if you resize the flash to be really wide or tall you can see large versions of the man and woman.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Gif made by "Sublustris".
 AUDIO:  Machinae Supremacy - Hubnester Rising

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