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 SWF12feb2018houseworkinit.swf1.26 MiB 2000 pop
Were looking at Paul's latest animations while this song happened to be playing and thought this gif went well with it. I like the background color too, something about this particular mix between pink and purple. Have covered up a flashing watermark that was in the gif. Spent a bunch of time to try and center the visuals perfectly but ended up moving the whole thing 10 pixels to the left because the composition of them make it look better like this in fullscreen to me, there's more "weight" on the right side and it centers more on the middle of her body. Looks a little misaligned when not in fullscreen though... Maybe shouldn't have done that, instead I could have made the visuals go outside the stage a bit to cover up the misalignment when not in fullscreen. The music is a remix of "Kay Kyser - Jingle Jangle Jingle", which was in Fallout New Vegas. Should have put that info into the flash's metadata but didn't think of it at the time. Originally I was going to spell the filename with a "g" but dropped it since I rarely pronounce the g when saying "workin' it". Filenames with nothing sticking out below the baseline looks a little cleaner too.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Paul Robertson
 AUDIO:  Icky - Ring-a-Ding Baby!

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