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(There could be newer flashes that hasn't been added here yet. I'll get around to it eventually.)

These are *almost all flash files that I've created myself over the years. Some are not on the list because I don't want to connect them with me. Others are not on the list because they are new and I've not put them here yet (I won't update the list as soon as I make something, I'll do it a couple at a time).

Each flash has received a color code that represents how "sexual" it is.

Green=Not very sexy at all. Should be safe for work in most places where people don't give a damn about stuff like for example violence and only care about nudity and pornograpy.
Yellow=Contains material that's a little edgy or even erotic in some fashion. Implied sexuality. This covers a big range, everything from just kissing to light clothing to weird camera angles.
Red=Visible penis, vagina or female nipple.
Purple=Haven't bothered to rate this yet.
Gray=A mystery...

The list order is nothing fancy, it goes from newest to oldest. But each flash has been put in a category represented by some capitalized letters. You can use CTRL+F to jump between category entries in the list.

LOOP=A basic random flash loop. May have "light" ActionScript, or none at all.
L∞P=A more "advanced" flash loop. Usually has nifty ActionScript or several music tracks.
ANI=Flash animation with a beginning and an end.
GAME=Playable flash game.
CLIP=It's basically just a video embedded in a flash file.
INAC=Interactive, you need to change between pages yourself.
THRE=An archived thread.
APH=Flash loop: Anon Party Hard.
SIMF=Flash loop: Simpsons or Futurama themed.
HYBR=Hybrid, most likely a movie first and then it ends as a loop.
SWF=Haven't bothered to categorize this yet.

As you can tell a lot of the flashes doesn't have a text attached to them, however I plan to comment them all sometime before the day I die. It's not something I look forward to doing so don't hold your breath.

Thumbnail screenshots were taken from the first frame of the flash file. Sometimes it doesn't look like anything, I might replace those that turned out bad in the future.

The WAV music loops used in my flash loops can be downloaded in this huge thread. Feel free to use them in your own flashes if you like. I have made more music loops than flash loops so there are some songs in that thread that doesn't appear in this list.

----->       Got anything you want to say or ask? Please post in this thread!

Note 1: You can click the file size to go to the flash's home page on swfchan.
Note 2: Feel free to download and spread these flashes as much as you want to!
Note 3: Audio and/or visual source is usually included inside the flash file itself but hidden outside the stage. You can use the [TALL] JavaScript link to reveal the source if it's not noted in the flash's listing text. Sometimes in the older flashes I put the source to the left of the stage instead of below it, then you can use the [WIDE] link.
Note 4: Flashes without a text have had their date automatically set; they may appear at an incorrect position (though it's mostly correct or near correct). If the flash has a text it means I have verified the date.

UPDATE 5may2018: To commemorate the day that swfchan had been online for 10 years I decided to finally update this page. The text above was written in May 2012 and after that there were no further changes for six years. I plan to try and update within five years next time!

* = While I previously omitted many flashes from this list I've now decided to list them as "mystery flashes". The only published info about them is the month and year they were created (the day is always set to 1 of that month), other than that it's a mystery which flash it is! I can reveal that these are most often of pornographic nature or just extra poor YouTube videos. Note that the list is still incomplete due to the fact that there's a bunch of mystery flashes missing from before 2012. I'll try to find my old drive for the next update just for completeness sake. Then I'll also try to lift over all the legacy comments from

The newly added "pop" number next to the filesize is a kind of metric of the file's popularity. It's calculated from the number of threads archived on the flash's wiki divided by the number of months it has existed, and then multiplied by 1000 and rounded. Note that it's a static number that only gets updated whenever I manually change this list. It's also a little misleading since it doesn't take into account the natural dropoff in interest a flash gets with age. So newer flashes will get an edge in its pop number since people haven't had time to grow tired of it yet. It would have been a more fair metric if new threads for very old flashes gave a little boost in points since it demonstrates that the swf has sustainability.

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 SWF15apr2018nighthorse.swf9.90 MiB 500 pop
This made me smirk, thought I'd share it. Cut away a part after the two guys woke up, just footage of them running outside.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 VISUALS: The Brothers Grimm (2005)
  Apr2018unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF14mar2018cryptowhale.swf4.24 MiB 2000 pop
Started doing this loop in the middle of Januari around the time the BTC price was falling but for some reason I didn't bother to finish it until two months later. The vast majority of all Bitcoins in existance belong to a very few people and if one of these whales decide to sell a lot the BTC/USD trade rate will tank. I used the built-in trace feature in Flash CS6 to convert the .gif illustration to vectors, since it was automated it takes more bytes than the original gif. The bubbles were detached from the rest of the animation so I can make them appear at constant intervals and not for every repeat. You can click the blowhole to change song, which also triples the framerate.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Patrik Mollwing for Bloomberg Businessweek
 AUDIO 1:  Atlas Plug - Infiltrate This
 AUDIO 2:  LL Cool J - Ain't Nobody (instrumental)
 SWF5mar2018News Update.swf9.96 MiB 333 pop
Got linked this and thought I'd share it on /f/ since David Firth used to give us flashes (Salad Fingers) and it looks like he put some work into this one. Bummer that he's abandoned flash like so many other. I called it "News Update.swf" since the video is about banning "up".
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 VISUALS: David Firth
  Mar2018unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Mar2018unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Mar2018unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Mar2018unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF12feb2018houseworkinit.swf1.26 MiB 2000 pop
Were looking at Paul's latest animations while this song happened to be playing and thought this gif went well with it. I like the background color too, something about this particular mix between pink and purple. Have covered up a flashing watermark that was in the gif. Spent a bunch of time to try and center the visuals perfectly but ended up moving the whole thing 10 pixels to the left because the composition of them make it look better like this in fullscreen to me, there's more "weight" on the right side and it centers more on the middle of her body. Looks a little misaligned when not in fullscreen though... Maybe shouldn't have done that, instead I could have made the visuals go outside the stage a bit to cover up the misalignment when not in fullscreen. The music is a remix of "Kay Kyser - Jingle Jangle Jingle", which was in Fallout New Vegas. Should have put that info into the flash's metadata but didn't think of it at the time. Originally I was going to spell the filename with a "g" but dropped it since I rarely pronounce the g when saying "workin' it". Filenames with nothing sticking out below the baseline looks a little cleaner too.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Paul Robertson
 AUDIO:  Icky - Ring-a-Ding Baby!
 SWF2feb2018crypto.swf9.98 MiB 1000 pop
At the start of 2017 one Bitcoin (BTC) was traded for around 950 USD. During the year a lot of people that didn't really understand crypto invested a lot of money into it and on 17dec2017 BTC peaked at 20k USD for a brief moment. After that the value started to drop and plummeted fast in early February. When this flash was made 1 BTC traded for about 8500 USD after having been below 7k for a moment. It is still a lot more than one year earlier but a lot of people got a rude awakening.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 VISUALS: Balcony Conversations - Bitcoin Guy (
 SWF7jan2018buttcircles.swf943.0 KiB 3000 pop
Made using the bitmap-to-vector function in Flash Pro CS6 (Modify > Bitmap > Trace Bitmap). First I converted the gif animation to png images using ImageMagick. Then I used Irfanview to: Reduce the number of colors to 2, make the images 400% larger, blur them, reduce colors to 2 again (it got rid of the "pixel shade" used in the gif). After tracing the images in Flash I re-colored them, moved some lines around and cut out a couple of holes. It might be more apparent in the gif that it's a short-haired girl btw, maybe should have added something around the eyes to make it more clear in the flash. At least I think it's supposed to be a girl? I mean just look at the legs. Hm.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Random gif image.
 AUDIO:  Dunderpatrullen - To The Moon (ft FantomenK)
 SWF19dec2017nya_nya_high.swf3.79 MiB 2500 pop
Someone made nya_nya.swf using swfchan's loopmaker and then someone made a HQ version. Then three HD versions were made by modifying a different flash. Someone put out a challenge for people to make their own high quality version so I made this one. Downloaded the anime in as high quality I could find and extracted the frames. Cropped the moving parts to smaller images so I could save some bytes, no need to have the static background in all images. Also downloaded the music and made a loop. Someone later made a truly high edit of this (nya_nya_real_fuckin_high.swf). There's also a hood version and one with the audio pitched down.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Gabriel DropOut (2017) Ep 12
 AUDIO:  Hisakawa Aya - Nya Nya Nya
 SWF10nov2017chris-chan.swf9.92 MiB 286 pop
Christian featured on PewDiePie's channel?
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF14sep2017whitewashing.swf4.98 MiB 6000 pop
One of my favorite Disney movies is this one and I thought this scene would go perfect with this music. The official HD release was used to extract the visuals, it's really apparent that the coloring wasn't perfect in those days. Goes outside the lines but it adds a certain charm. Have improved several frames by removing smudges. The repeat might not look smooth on a less powerful or busy CPU. Was a little torn over whether I should use crossfade or not on the bubbles. I thought of the filename because he is quite literally washing away dirt to make the plates white again but once it dawned upon me that it also was politically charged the filename became set in stone.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: The Sword in the Stone (1963)
 AUDIO:  Wintergatan - Sommarfågel (Bassnectar Remix)
 SWF2sep2017flashcarrier.swf2.42 MiB 1444 pop
Found this gif on the day of eternal sorrow --25jul2017-- when Adobe and the owners of most major browsers announced that they were going to turn their back on flash in 2020. I instantly decided to make it into a flash loop. However I couldn't settle on a music track to go with it until I listened closer to the lyrics in Hubnester Rising. The song is clearly about a flash artist crying out to people in the dwindling days of flash support. The filename "flashcarrier" is fitting both because Machinae Supremacy has made another nice song called "Flagcarrier" and because our hero in the visuals carries the flag of flash. But it also makes me think about the future, how many of us "flashcarriers" will there be left? So few seem to care about this great technology that we're supposed to abandon just because some companies decided it was easier to drop it than improve it. Anyway, I should have polished this flash a bit more. The framerate changes depending on the timestamp in the audio and sometimes it can look glitchy if it resets the visual loop near a frame that it just played. I could have safeguarded against that. The biggest flaw though is that there's a visual glitch in the bottom left corner! It was in the original gif as well. I almost couldn't believe I had left it in when I finally noticed a little while after uploading the finished swf to /f/ because I knew about it beforehand. Had seen it when I first found the gif and made a mental note to cover it up in flash. But since it took three months to pick the audio I forgot about it! Oh well. The outsides of the visuals are just scaled and darker instances of the visual's frames, if you resize the flash to be really wide or tall you can see large versions of the man and woman.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Gif made by "Sublustris".
 AUDIO:  Machinae Supremacy - Hubnester Rising
 SWF5jul2017Know Your Enemy.swf10.00 MiB 1182 pop
Watched this US propaganda and found it rich on info about pre-WWII Japan. It's important to remember that propaganda isn't automatically the same as lies, hard to believe that Japan is the same country nowadays. Since the "Beef Stroganoff" song was posted a lot on /f/ I thought I could tie this together with it and maybe get some more people to learn about old Japan. I had to include the scene after the song in the anime when they remark upon the fact that beef stroganoff doesn't have to be made with beef, something that people usually find especially amusing in the song. In the background of the video I put an areal photo of the Unit 731 complex, a place where Japan committed war crimes equal to or worse than the nazis. I altered the subtitles at the end by extracting the original ones from a subbed release, changing them and then hard-coding them back into the video. Then finally I cut out the piece of the video I wanted to put in the flash. Yasukuni Shrine is where the ghosts of soldiers that has sacrificed themselves for their country go, it was a high honor to end up there.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Know Your Enemy: Japan (USA, 1944)
 AUDIO:  Song in "Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX ep 03 (2015)".
  Jul2017unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Jul2017unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF28jun2017One Punch Tusk.swf9.99 MiB 83 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF21jun2017valley.swf10.00 MiB 1750 pop
Felt like it was a while since someone made a 4chan-themed flash so I embarked on this project. The hardest part was to hunt down a 3D model of Yotsuba. I had seen one used in MMD videos (MikuMikuDance) but all links had 404'd. Eventually I got it from here: (pass: "yotuba"). Found the page somewhat early on but not the password. The model, titled "よつば" was made long ago by "namekoziru" (I think) in the year 2000 or earlier and I'm happy it wasn't lost forever. I used a plugin for Blender to convert the MMD .pmd format to .blend, which can be read by the Unity Game Engine. I'm not a 3D artist so yeah I used a game engine for this. MakeHuman was used to create the Anon model, came complete with a suit and shoes, just needed to change his skin color in Unity. The tie wasn't the correct color but it doesn't show from the intended camera angle. The landscape and trees/grass were made by the built-in tools in Unity (has SpeedTree among its standard assets package). Found free packages with the houses, the book, bottle, skybox and rock on Unity's asset store. Ground textures and the water (Water4) is also part of Unity's Standard Assets. I made C# scripts to loop the water waves seamlessly and also loop Yotsuba's hair seamlessly (fake wind). Anon and Yotsuba move their heads just a little too so they don't seem lifeless, loops seamless. Unity's built-in wind system controls the tree leaves and grass however so they don't repeat seamlessly, if you look on the ground you can see where it repeats with a fade. Tried to conceal it a little by timing the movement of the grass the best I could. The trees in the background are of lower level of detail than I intended, I forgot to remove the LOD models used to speed up testing before I made the final capture but it doesn't really look too different at that distance. Unity's own PostProcessing scripts were used to enhance the scene's colors a bit. I wrote a C# script that took care of capture, it slowed down the game and took a screenshot every frame in such a way that it looked normal when played back fast in a movie. It was kind of difficult to make the grass not clip through the book, I ended up rendering the cover of the book on top of the camera that rendered the rest of the screen. There's a screenshot of the small island in the river below the visuas. I wasn't sure what music I would use for this, picked one that I had made earlier that I felt suited the ambiance.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6unity
 AUDIO:  Voicians - Limbus
 SWF17jun2017vignette.swf5.67 MiB 1167 pop
In the late 80s most Swedes only had access to three TV channels but during a year or two my parents aquired one of thos pirate boxes that made it possible to watch many more. I can't remember if time had crossed over into the 90s or not but a few of my earliest TV memories was from watching cartoons on TV3. One day I came across this music on YouTube and although I haven't heard it before it invoked some serious nostalgia in me. So I found some early TV3 footage that they used between shows and made this loop. Made sure that brief music distortion caused by the VCR recording was included in the audio cut, it was important. I've no idea what the song title is, if it were ever given one. The channel broadcasted in most nordic countries; in the video you can see a girl holding balloons with the flags of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The threads of this flash seem to always become political due to recent immigration problems.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: The first TV3 vignette (they sing in 3 languages)
 AUDIO:  Schedule music from TV3 in 1990
 SWF7jun2017Wendy.swf2.87 MiB 1167 pop
This was around that time when the "Smug Wendy's" meme came about (due to the US burger-chain "Wendy's" making some official tweets trash talking the competitors). Came across this animation and thought it would go perfect with this song. Used a normal On2VP6 FLV embed into the flash timeline for this one so there might be a small delay upon repeat. The source bar is a sight on its own in this one; I used the "Wendy's" logo and moved down ' to be the dot before "swf". Hoho! There's also a vector version of the Wendy's logo down there. Wendy's head nod (swallow animation) syncs with the first beat after the singing stops for the first time.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Visuals by "Rocheste Dorm". That's Ronald McDonald's face she's sitting on.
 AUDIO:  Spagna - Easy Lady
 SWF4jun2017feminist mindset explained by an ex-feminist.swf9.92 MiB 167 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
  Jun2017unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF18may2017louise.swf9.83 MiB 1846 pop
I watched Bob's Burger's first and second season when they came out and weren't overly impressed. Five years later I gave an episode in season 7 a chance and liked it, then I watched all episodes in reverse order. Turns out the series really improved after season 2 in both story and characters. The animation improved too (trivia: in earlier episodes Louise had four eyelashes, now she has three). I found Louise to be annoying at first but after S03E21 "Boyz 4 Now" she became a reason to watch the show. I had been wanting to make a vector flash so I traced her using the line tool in Flash Pro CS6, which took forever. Traced the burger too, which also took forver. Back in 2011 or 2012 I played around in the physics engine Box2D, it has a version in ActionScript3 so I put that in and made some burgers bounce around on the sound waves. The stage is set to NoScale ("100%") so the space the burgers have to bounce around in can be changed by resizing the flash, Louise and the burgers change their size depending on the height of the flash to mimick regular ShowAll scaling. Since you can't view the source bar in NoScale mode it will become visible via AS3 if the stage is set to be narrow and tall. If you right-click and change to ShowAll scaling the flash will adapt to it. I traced Louise's eyes as well though I think it turned out looking a little creepy so they are only open on one of the random songs in this. You can press "O" or "F" to toggle the face (eyes). "D" or "0" (zero) toggles debug drawing of the shapes of the physics engine, notice that there are more circles towards the edges because the soundwaves tend to slope more there so unless I did that burgers could slip below the wave. "Space" or "N" to play the next music track. Press "ENTER" or "B" to insert more burgers! Eventually the physics auto-downgrades its accuracy to try to improve the framerate. 6 out of the 12 songs have less chance to play when the flash starts. Louise changes her movement speed depending on the beats per minute of the track that is played. Originally I thought about only having one song ("Sean Kingston - Party All Night"), then the swf file would have been just 990 KiB. The flash is just 28.2 KiB without any audio data at all. A little trick with this flash is that you can mute the tab in some browsers and flash will make the waveform of the audio completely flat. Btw later in 2017 I happened to see an episode of Gravity Falls and Mabel in it has exactly the same voice as Louise. Judging from various videos on YouTube it seems to just be how Kristen Schaal speaks normally. She's the only female voice actress for the main characters in Bob's Burgers, Linda and Tina are both male voices.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Bob's Burgers S07E01 Flu-ouise (also used a few references images for hair and colors from other episodes)
 AUDIO 1:  Sean Kingston - Party All Night
 AUDIO 2:  Steve Aoki ft. Lil Jon and Chiddy Bang - Emergency
 AUDIO 3:  Straylight Run - Hands In The Sky (Big Shot)
 AUDIO 4:  Carpenter Brut - Le Perv
 AUDIO 5:  Blue Stahli - Retribution
 AUDIO 6:  Spiderbait - Black Betty
 AUDIO 7:  Bart Simpson - Love?
 AUDIO 8:  EverEve - Embrace the Light
 AUDIO 9:  Icona Pop - I Love It
 AUDIO 10:  Kim Wilde - Kids in America
 AUDIO 11:  Kyla La Grange - Cut Your Teeth (Kygo Remix)
 AUDIO 12:  LazyTown - Good Stuff
 SWF16apr2017swirls.swf2.93 MiB 1143 pop
Stumbled over this song on some YouTube channel that uploads other people's songs without proper artist/title credit so I kind of made up my own source on this one... Couldn't find what it was really called or who remixed it. I didn't know what visuals to put to this so I just took a bunch of swirl gifs and made them shake with ActionScript before showing the next one. The mirror effect is just flipped duplicates of the MovieClip in the middle. The bottom source can be toggled between hidden/visible by clicking the first row (if anybody want to leave it in fullscreen). The MovieClips overlap just a little bit so that there won't be visible edges due to rounding errors when the flash is resized.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Three random gifs.
 AUDIO:  SSB Brawl vs Taylor Swift vs Childish Gambino - Flat it Off-fire
 SWF15apr2017Cheese Factory Willie.swf2.43 MiB 1643 pop
Goofy visuals to a goofy song! The song title ("Annoyed Grunt") is what the creators of The Simpsons used to call Homer's "D'oh!"-sound. Guess they still do.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Steamboat Willie rearrange (gif by drimble)
 AUDIO:  Neil Cicierega - Annoyed Grunt
 SWF31mar2017defy.swf9.99 MiB 2133 pop
I spent a lot of time cutting this together to sync decently with the music. Turned out pretty good eventually though maybe I should have further reduced the scene with the ice sliding around 100 ms. I read the One Punch Man manga when it was relatively new and didn't know an anime was coming so that was a pleasant surprise. I also didn't know that the manga wasn't the original; it's actually a re-draw of the author's web comic, the art of which gave me a good chuckle the first time I saw it. I'm looking forward to season 2 of the anime! But I've heard that the same studio that did the first season won't be animating the second one, worrying since the first one looked fantastic. I remember back when the One Piece anime started it had nice art but eventually it changed to such a point that I thought it looked downright bad. Hopefully these new guys doing One Punch Man will mimick the style of the first season! If nothing else I'm sure it'll still be funny.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: One-Punch Man (2015) - Opening without text
 AUDIO:  Dance With the Dead - Robeast
 SWF29mar2017ISIS knocked down.swf1.99 MiB 133 pop
Something random. Noticed that YouTube have taken down this video.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF23mar2017nerf monkey king pls.swf9.99 MiB 67 pop
Dota 2 joke.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF19mar2017japanese ballerina training.swf19.89 MiB 67 pop
You think it's easy becoming the best?
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
  Mar2017unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Mar2017unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Mar2017unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF21feb2017tweets can ruin your life.swf9.90 MiB 125 pop
This is the last time I sacrify framerate for better quality stills. Even though only the audio is important I realized shortly after uploading the swf file to /f/ that it's just too annoying with this low framerate. Better to have reasonably high framerate with fewer bitrate per frame instead. Movie formats are optimized for it anyway.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF30jan2017See You Space Starboy.swf4.58 MiB 1529 pop
I was never really a fan of Star Wars but after seeing this movie I'm done with the franchise, Disney's version of it is not for me. One thing that always bugged me in SW is how red automatically equals evil and this scene in the movie really bathed in red. So using ImageMagick I swapped around the colors. Looks like good-guy Disney killed off Han! The music syncs with him starting to fall, the video can loop several times before it starts to de-sync. The lyrics fit well with the expression on his face as well. I remember hearing this remix on the radio while I was biking home in the rain and I immediately knew I had to use it in a loop with Han Solo. It's a funny coincidence that the character holding the lightsaber in the movie is named "Kylo" and the music remix is done by "Kygo".
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)
 AUDIO:  The Weeknd ft Daft Punk - Starboy (Kygo Remix)
 SWF29dec2016Sub Pen.swf3.58 MiB 1111 pop
I love the percussion in this song and set up a little scene for it. The footage is not from any campaign mission, it's just a multiplayer map where I positioned all the units/structures. There's normally pulsing glow on the tanks (like on the Flame Tower) but I wanted to make it look like they were parked so those pixels doesn't pulse. Against my better judgement I used non-bitmaps on top of the Flame Tower's glowing pixels to make them loop independently of the background bitmaps (the water) however depending on how the flash is resized the background glow might show behind the vector shapes due to rounding errors when scaling, anti-aliasing is off in the swf. The glow might also go outside the pipes of the Flame Tower. I knew about this issue when making the flash but when I tested it in many different sizes I couldn't get any rounding errors for some reason so I went with it. Just my luck. Should have added a still image in front of the Flame Tower (or better, cropped the water movement). Besides that I like how the scene turned out, the Grenadier's body movement is randomized a bit. The Rifle Soldier, who is guarding the area with his Attack Dog, grows more and more tired as he is listening to the Grenadier blather on. He just arrived with the APC parked outside the entry. I wonder what he had to say?
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: OpenRA (Red Alert 1)
 AUDIO:  (Red Alert) Frank Klepacki - Trenches
 SWF10dec2016swf.swf8.44 MiB 1889 pop
When I was a kid I once played a DOS game where you were Santa. I don't remember much of what you did in it (I think you had a jetpak?) or even what it was called. But I do remember it has big pixly snow on the title screen that fell down and stayed where it landed. That's where the idea of this came from, I've thought about doing this for years. Made it possible to draw/erase using the mouse and added the ability for the snow to eventually cover things. I've optimized it a bit, random values are for example looked up in an array with 1000 pre-defined random values instead of each snow flake needing to execute costly function calls every frame. Flakes that have no chance to move are put to sleep and won't be doing any more calculation. Each pixel is also just a pixel in an image, not an object (they aren't MovieClips or individual sprites). The flash can still slow down a lot though, especially in browsers and especially if snow doesn't touch the ground and go to sleep. I should have worked on the flash for one more day because if you seal off most of the top a lot more snow will pour down in the remaining holes than it should. The behaviour of stacking snow could also have been improved. There are a lot of music in this flash, one track gets randomized at the start. The text is usualy green like Anonymous but during December each year it becomes red and a Christmas song is always played. During July in the summer a StarTropics track is always played and the background becomes sky colored, the text becomes dirt brown and the snow is replaced by green grass. The themes can't be forced unless you change your computer's date but you can cycle through the music by pressing spacebar (will update the music source below the visuals depending on what song is playing). At first I wasn't sure if I should name it swf.swf but then I thought, "When will I ever again make a flash when that name is suitable?"
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 AUDIO 1:  Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare '95 - Candion
 AUDIO 2:  Dj CUTMAN - Trip to the Tropics (StarTropics)
 AUDIO 3:  Darren Korb - Setting Sail, Coming Home
 AUDIO 4:  SkyHigh - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'Snow Motion' OC ReMix
 AUDIO 5:  Malmen - All That's Left
 AUDIO 6:  Moby - Everloving
 AUDIO 7:  LPChip - Traz (Chill down mix)
  Dec2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF27nov2016Politically Correct Games.swf9.81 MiB 158 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF21nov2016H2O aberration.swf2.99 MiB 158 pop
Something I found funny with his commentary in this one.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF19nov2016death comes for all.swf1.60 MiB 895 pop
Reversed footage can show us a different reality. Picked these visuals because the music has what kind of sounds like a goat noise in it.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Random gif image.
 AUDIO:  Groundislava - Cool Party
 SWF18nov2016nobody came.swf1.08 MiB 1000 pop
Made the Dwarf Fortress image go around in a circle like that because the gif animation was just too lazy for visuals, it made them fit a bit better with the music too.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Random gif image.
 AUDIO:  waterfront dining - tuch me
 SWF16nov2016ramen.swf3.24 MiB 1053 pop
The footage was filmed by "Super Bunnyhop" on YouTube and he sneaks it into videos from time to time as a joke. Thought it would sync well with this music so I slowed it down and cut it to made sure it dips down on the "wet sounding" percusion. Should probably have named this noodles.swf instead since there already was a different ramen.swf that is posted every now and then. Unique names are preferred so I feel a little bad about that. Of course a noodles.swf also already exists, albeit that one is much less established. Maybe I should have called it ramendip.swf?
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: ("Review: Japanese Arcades" by Super Bunnyhop)
 AUDIO:  Varien - Hypnotique (feat. Charlotte Haining)
 SWF13nov2016jon.swf993.7 KiB 1632 pop
I made a program called "ImageToVectorToFlash" to convert images into vectors for flash, however it has a tendency to make non-smooth edges. Kind of works as a visual style, looks like it was intended in this flash, no? The whitenoise effect overlayed on Jon was added to further make it look intentional. I first saw Jon dance in Shake that jon.swf, took a moment to find a working torrent for the movie so I could rip higher quality footage.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Garfield Gets A Life (1991)
 AUDIO:  aquaCola - without me 笑
  Nov2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Nov2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Nov2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Nov2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Nov2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Nov2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Nov2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Nov2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF31oct2016Salad Fingers - 10 - Birthday.swf29.56 MiB 50 pop
Shame on him for abandoning the swf format for the very last episode! Bugged me to not have it on swfchan so I made this. (Note that in 2018 I read that episode 11 is on the way so I guess ep 10 wasn't the last one after all.)
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF19oct2016Why Genji is best in Overwatch.swf9.95 MiB 350 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF4oct2016Agent 47 explains why Apple put a hit on Jack.swf9.85 MiB 200 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
  Oct2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Oct2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF19sep2016another night out.swf983.3 KiB 1190 pop
Took apart "rina chan and the brawl boyz" for this scene because I thought the voice in this song sounds just like the song in that flash. Haven't bothered to look up if it's the same woman or if they just sound alike. It takes a while for the city outside to repeat but I made sure it does so seamlessly, at least that was the idea but I kinda forgot about the back window so it should show when the tween loops there. There's a hidden sketch left in the original flash that I put below the visuals in this flash.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: rina-chan-and-the-brawl-boyz.swf
 AUDIO:  Bassnectar & HAILO ft. Haley - Surrender
 SWF11sep2016Zoe Quinn in 2016.swf9.94 MiB 143 pop
So whatever happened to Zoë after 2014's GamerGate?
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
  Sep2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF26aug2016maybe next time dont write the song before game release.swf9.90 MiB 182 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF22aug2016puckon.swf2.58 MiB 955 pop
A sense of speed without going anywhere. Prepared this while making Le Black Swordsman.swf. Used a later frame of Puck flying by some soldiers for the source bar, visual source gets semi-hidden in it. The filename is a play on words, there's "Puck" and "On" (as in "Puck switched on and is now going fast") and "Puckon", which is a way to say "idiots"/"morons" in Swedish ("Pucko" being singular). Puck is acting pretty moronic from time to time, sometimes I wish he wasn't in Berserk to be honest. We also have a chocolate drink in Sweden since 1954 named "Pucko", though after 2005 it is manufactured in Denmark. Might be known as Cocio outside of Sweden, it says both Cocio and Pucko on Swedish bottles nowadays.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Berserk (the 2016 series) episode 07
 AUDIO:  Televisor - Old Skool (Nitro Fun Remix)
 SWF18aug2016Le Black Swordsman.swf9.45 MiB 1182 pop
I'm happy to get more animated stories with Guts and his sword but the 3D animations are really budget in this series. Luckily they get a little better in later episodes but Berserk deserves better. Have removed a lot of duplicate frames from the original footage for this flash, they don't render at this high fps in the series. Cut together the visuals and changed the order of things to sync the music to the start of the slow motion pose section, very pleased with the result! You can see the surprised look on Casca's face in the source bar. I wasn't sure of what to name this one so I put Le in the filename to balance out the awesomeness in the music.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Berserk (the 2016 series) episode 07
 AUDIO:  (Killer Instinct Season 2) Mick Gordon - Inferno (feat LittleVMills)
 SWF16aug2016HitGirl.swf9.95 MiB 182 pop
She kinda looks like Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass (2010) and she's talking about wanting to be hit.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF12jul2016magic is in the air.swf7.66 MiB 1043 pop
I didn't want to use crossfades like this but that first shot was too short to make it loop on its own, even with a fade. If you look at the water it's noticable that I've even slowed it down. In the source bar is a frame from the short while when the main protagonist was in the real world. I liked this anime but it dropped the ball after a while, like many animes have a tendency to do. I expected him to eventually start abusing his respawn gift and become the most powerful fighter in the world, with the same "invisible hand power" as the bad guys. Would have been perfect to end at 26 episodes. Instead it kind of dragged on and just didn't end, felt the quality of each episode starting to drop.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Episode 01
 AUDIO:  Don Ross - Oh Baby
  Jun2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Jun2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF26may2016hollywood - one blockbuster.swf9.79 MiB 560 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF26may2016hollywood - two blockbusters.swf9.78 MiB 680 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF4may2016Self Made Man.swf9.94 MiB 160 pop
About a woman who tries to live as a man and actually fools people around her. Afterwards she'd rather have her female privileges.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
  May2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  May2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF1may2016The_Exterminator.swf4.76 MiB 720 pop
Damnit Dale.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: King of the Hill S05E14 The Exterminator
 AUDIO:  Panda Eyes & Teminite - Highscore
 SWF1may2016sick_torture.swf3.55 MiB 840 pop
Changed the display time of some of the frames to get that kind of zoom-out. The file name, music and visuals all come together to form something to smile at.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Random gif image.
 AUDIO:  Vexare - Rattlesnakes
 SWF27apr2016Macsplaining.swf9.84 MiB 308 pop
Clever and might make one think.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF26apr2016geriatric1927.swf9.97 MiB 115 pop
A little tribute to the Internet Grandad. Farewell videos on YouTube by people who know they are going to die soon invokes a special kind of feel in me.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF11apr2016Luanne.swf2.75 MiB 1038 pop
After using Flash Pro CS6 for a long time I was wondering what new and exciting things Adobe had done with flash so I installed Flash CC 2015 and made this loop. Then I went back to CS6 and have been there ever since. Was disappointed with the direction Adobe took flash; they removed the possibility to embed XML data for some reason and they removed the useful CTRL+ALT test window (no more bandwidth profiler and download simulation). Why...? The small upgrades were not worth those major downgrades, the only useful thing I found was that smoothing was now auto-enabled for images but that only saves a few seconds of work. They MAY have also brought back the ability to import SVG images in CC 2015? I can't recall. If so that was also a useful feature but not something I use much when I make my flashes (but boy do I miss SVG in CS6, especially since you were able to import it in an earlier version of Flash Pro).
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CC 2015
 VISUALS: King of the Hill S04E15 Naked Ambition
 AUDIO:  Apparat - Holdon
  Apr2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF3mar2016Cat Review.swf6.13 MiB 222 pop
An old man reviews Dinkle, his cat. YouTube seems to have deleted this video for some reason.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF18feb2016oneblankman.swf3.00 MiB 821 pop
Wanted to loop a nicer part from this fight but this part looped to well. A different part made a nice background for the source bar!
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: One-Punch Man (ep 11)
 AUDIO:  (Zombies) bignic - Modern
 SWF2feb2016all you can do is live with it.swf9.85 MiB 821 pop
The first "proper" H.264 flash loop, with a blurry pre-loader image and with some more effort put into making sure the audio starts playing at the same time as the video. I emulated Final Fantasy 12 International Zodiac Job System in PCSX2 1.4.0 and filmed the screen with CamStudio 2.6 (probably). Made it loop with a fade using ffmpeg. Let me tell you, this Playstation 2 game looks absolutely amazing in higher resolution! In 2017 they released an HD remake of FF12 (was even released on PC in 2018), I haven't played it yet but I bet they didn't do much except just increase the resolution. The textures in the original game are pretty high and I've noticed that most of these HD remakes lately usually skip work on many textures. There's an easter egg if you click the source bar, there are two audios to hear with samples from the game. The music becomes lower while they playback. Fran (left) and Balthier (center) had great English voices in this game, one of the few times I think the dub works better than the Japanese originals. Penelo is to the right, just to mention her name. The file name is from the last line spoken in the full music track. The reasoning was that Balthier is the self-proclaimed leading man in the game with responsibilities and "all you can do is live with it".
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System (English Translation v.22)
 AUDIO:  Dream Theater - Repentance
  Jan2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Jan2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF24nov2015gimbal.swf1.33 MiB 742 pop
Made this after reading up on why Unity Engine (and most other game engines) use quaternions to describe rotations in 3D space.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Random gif image from Wikipedia (a gimbal with 3 axes of rotation).
 AUDIO:  PrototypeRaptor - River Styx
 SWF11nov2015shipwreck.swf9.09 MiB 1000 pop
Had intended to make this right after I made yonder.swf (ripped both videos at the same time) but it ended up taking 6 years before I finally did it! Maybe for the best since it meant releasing it in much better quality (H.254). Whoever made the original video messed up a little, you can see the edge of one of the layers at one point in the top left corner if you look carefully.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Anno 1404 (Dawn of Discovery)
 AUDIO:  Age of Empires 2 - T Station
 SWF29oct2015Hot Like Islam.swf5.58 MiB 1531 pop
This groove goes well with the movement they are doing. The filename comes from the fact that they are Islamic terrorists living in England in the sketches. The source bar has its own groovy visuals.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Monkey Dust S03E02
 AUDIO:  Pretty Lights - Hot Like Sauce
 SWF8sep2015Windows 95 Video Guide.swf29.95 MiB 30 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF8sep2015scratching post.swf4.00 MiB 545 pop
Finding a furry image that was not quite porn but not quite harmless was the hardest part of this joke.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Microsoft Windows 95 Video Guide
 SWF4sep2015contemplation.swf785.8 KiB 667 pop
The first frame appears on all frames with a cutout for the smoke to animate in. Could have saved a bit of bytes by not including the other frames in full but they are actually still there. Some spots (smudges) in the original video have been covered up with a mask. Funny enough I used the normal "contemplation" filename after the strange "contemptition" one. Very short audio in this loop, I didn't know what to match it against but think it turned out good.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: The Cockpit - Episode 1: Slipstream
 AUDIO:  Steve Aoki - Cudi the Kid ft Kid Cudi and Travis Barker
  Sep2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Sep2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF1sep2015The Eternal Calm.swf9.98 MiB 818 pop
First flash I've made after realizing how you can embed a video encoded with H.264 and with AAC audio into a swf container. Usually flash only supports that codec when streamed so what you need to do is embed the raw bytes of the video file into an ActionScript 3 class and then feed it into a stream as if it was read from elsewhere. First time I saw that being done was in but it was also done earlier in I goofed in this flash since the audio can start playing before the video has fully loaded! Had a little fun with the source below the visuals. I really like FFX btw, though I probably prefer FFXII over it just a little bit. What I like most about FFX-2 was the intro music, which is what you hear here.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Final Fantasy X (HD Remaster)
 AUDIO:  Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi (FFX-2) - Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~
 SWF25aug2015deepweb.swf4.18 MiB 706 pop
What lurks in the depth of the deep? First time in ages I used tweens in a flash. The black thing moving is a from a gif of a guy wearing panthose, with an enlarged ball sack, that someone cropped away the top of and replaced with a flipped copy of the bottom half of the image. Check out the source bar in this one, it's pretty neat.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Two random gif images.
 AUDIO:  Dengue Fever - Under (Morgan Page Remix)
 SWF25aug2015Advection Burgers.swf3.01 MiB 765 pop
I can't remember how I stumbled over the word "advection", I think I started with looking up synonyms for fog/mist and clicked around a bit.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Two random gif images.
 AUDIO:  FURNS - Haunt Me (Hot Sand Remix)
 SWF24aug2015contemptition.swf969.8 KiB 941 pop
The strange filename is the combination of tit and contemplation, because I wonder what that bird is thinking. I rather like this flash loop.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Random gif image.
 AUDIO:  Maurits“禅”Cornelis - A Silent Voyager (MZC Flip Out The Hush House Mix)
 SWF24aug2015bowsing.swf921.3 KiB 500 pop
Peach perspective simulator.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Random gif image.
 AUDIO:  Apex - Inner Space
 SWF10aug2015The Real Sugar Baby.swf9.87 MiB 6294 pop
I swear to God I'm not the one posting this on /f/ all the time! I converted this video to test out a new combination of commands with ffmpeg.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF7aug2015hoodpranks.swf9.98 MiB 176 pop
At the height of the prank video cancer that was sweeping YouTube I found this video that pointed out how stupid it was. This was the first video I saw by h3h3.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
  Aug2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF28jul2015Gender Fluid.swf9.90 MiB 286 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF9jul2015DMXiao.swf3.14 MiB 1257 pop
Mashup between two meme songs that fit good together. Worked several hours during the night to make it fit together, accidentally repeated a section and didn't notice until after I had published due to being tired but it worked out pretty well anyway. Doubt anyone would think it wasn't intentional. The visuals features the first hood face I had drawn in a long time.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Xiao Mei Mei
 AUDIO:  DMX - Where the Hood At & Xiao Mai Mei
 SWF30jun2015gogo_fast.swf9.23 MiB 333 pop
Cumon, step it up!!
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 SWF30jun2015Valve's Biggest Embarrassment.swf9.91 MiB 222 pop
Summed up my thoughts on Valve's system for paid mods.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF19jun2015Glorious Ducks.swf3.33 MiB 917 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF17jun2015sugoi.swf9.98 MiB 444 pop
Whoever made this video made it slow motion all of a sudden which I found funny.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF16jun2015Violated Voices.swf6.72 MiB 722 pop
Not only does the intro Engrish sound funny (sounds like she says "You came for true of this establishment, yes?" at the beginning) but they claim that you can use these audio tracks to relax or perhaps to study while you listen to it in the background. Had to share it on /f/. I put only one track after the intro, the rest were pretty much the same. No source beneath the visuals, instead it's sort of in the visuals itself. Didn't even put source in the metadata, hm, I think originally I intended to never reveal that I made this flash. =P
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Its official cover art.
 AUDIO:  作業用陵辱BGM (日本語/英語同梱) RJ127032
 SWF13jun2015machinery.swf4.52 MiB 2028 pop
The music and visuals really compliment each other in this one. I like how the source bar turned out, put some extra visuals down there that didn't fit in the main content.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Mechanical Principles (Ralph Steiner 1930)
 AUDIO:  Netsky - Detonate
 SWF9jun2015The IT Crowd S02E01.swf9.84 MiB 111 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF5jun2015Married with Children S01E13.swf10.00 MiB 139 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF5jun2015Foxy Lady.swf4.01 MiB 250 pop
Demonstration of the SwfH264 program.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF5jun2015ascension.swf3.46 MiB 278 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
  Jun2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Jun2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Jun2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Jun2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Jun2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Jun2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF15may2015Cute J-Girls Saying Cute Thing.swf9.96 MiB 1324 pop
I misspelled the filename! Should have said "Things" at the end. It got misspelled in the sourcebar below the visuals (must have pressed backspace one time too many) and I usually copy the filename from there to make sure the file is uploaded with that name. Amazingly so far nobody has renamed the flash with an added "s" in three years (wrote this 5may2018).
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF15may2015moria.swf9.89 MiB 270 pop
When I heard this song on some old CD I knew I had to make this flash. He sings about a girl named Monia but it sounds too much like Moria. The lyrics goes something like: "Monia can't you remember the promise we gave each other? Can't you remember? Monia hear my song, the song that reflects my life without you."
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
 AUDIO:  Peter Holm - Monia
 SWF15apr2015Humans Need Not Apply.swf36.89 MiB 26 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF16feb2015Alan-a-Dale.swf9.94 MiB 1000 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
  Feb2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF13jan2015The Fall of Islam.swf9.99 MiB 1268 pop
Remake of someone elses flash, thought it was funny and deserved better quality. I remember adjusting the jpg quality for each frame carefully to make it look as good as possible within the 10 MiB filesize limit on /f/.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Clip: "SKYDIVING" Kuwaiti Style ( Movie: G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)
 AUDIO:  Gutter Brothers - House of ill Repute
 SWF2jan2015Dota 2 - Chen.swf9.85 MiB 463 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF1jan2015Life is Mozaiku.swf3.57 MiB 854 pop
Loops well and syncs great with the music! This is one of my favorite flash loops but it has a flaw in its filename: mosaic is spelled with neither z nor k! I can't really remember if this misspelling was deliberate or not, perhaps it was to emphasize how a Japanese person would likely pronounce the word? Wonder when Japan will stop the pixelization of genitalia anyway... Btw I never owned a copy of "Deadly Premonition" myself (where the music is from) but I watched a playthrough of it by someone that made an absolutely fantastic job in making me fall in love with the game. Its strength isn't exactly gameplay anyway, here's the playlist if you want to watch:
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Pretty Pridot: Main Edition Part 1
 AUDIO:  Deadly Premonition - Life Is Beautiful
 SWF31dec2014Frozen 2.swf9.57 MiB 95 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF29dec2014quadbacon.swf2.68 MiB 286 pop
I never really liked this flash loop all that much. But I love bacon. Forgot to make the source selectable in the source bar below the visuals.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Random gif image.
 AUDIO:  Contra ReBirth - Jungle Battle [Stage 1] (From CONTRA)
 SWF17dec2014strippertipper.swf9.83 MiB 119 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF15dec2014Young.and.Beautiful.v2.swf9.95 MiB 71 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
  Dec2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Dec2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF10nov2014legal surprise sex.swf9.97 MiB 372 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF9nov2014Babe's Squirt Pillow.swf9.94 MiB 116 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
  Nov2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF20oct2014poophole_loophole.swf9.97 MiB 136 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF14oct2014Being a Dickhead's Cool.swf9.81 MiB 250 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF2oct2014Dota 2 - Winrates.swf9.81 MiB 114 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
  Oct2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF30sep2014BRHECKFAST.swf9.96 MiB 356 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF29sep2014pornification.swf9.76 MiB 67 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF29sep2014gateway.swf9.19 MiB 822 pop
Increased the volume in the video. There's a little stutter when he enters the church and the music starts playing. It was in the original video. I always regret not editing it out, though I suppose it adds a bit "realness" to the recording. Maybe?
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: (PlumpHelmetPunk)
 AUDIO:  Noisia - Groundhog
 SWF25sep2014lovely_morning.swf7.93 MiB 422 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF16sep2014Are Video Games Sexist (v2).swf9.95 MiB 22 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF7sep2014Rapeman Forever.swf9.96 MiB 2178 pop
Thanks rape!
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF6sep2014Dota 2 - Lycan.swf9.99 MiB 156 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF5sep2014Dota 2 - Some Moments.swf9.99 MiB 89 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
  Sep2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Sep2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Sep2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Sep2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF28aug2014kamelåså.swf9.92 MiB 109 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF27aug2014fashion.swf9.85 MiB 130 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF23aug2014Dota 2 - Axe's Special Delivery.swf9.98 MiB 152 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF21aug2014Dota 2 - Trollvoker.swf9.98 MiB 152 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF21aug2014Vertical Video Syndrome.swf9.96 MiB 174 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF20aug2014Quinn and The Five Guys (full).swf9.96 MiB 22 pop
Ancient history when I write this, current when the flash was made.
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF17aug2014The Vicious Cycle of Dota 2.swf9.94 MiB 391 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF16aug2014GentleBot_Hell_v2.swf9.98 MiB 65 pop
Remember when Overwatch didn't exist and Team Fortress 2 was the shit? Anyway this might be the best TF2 animation/song combo I've seen.
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF16aug2014Light Saber Guide v2.swf9.97 MiB 22 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF16aug2014Into.The.Labyrinth.v2.swf9.98 MiB 65 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF16aug2014Dota 2 - Low Priority.swf9.98 MiB 283 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF11aug2014Weiron in the Ott.swf9.97 MiB 152 pop
From a classic 90s humour series in Sweden, he's speaking some Engrish here so I thought I'd share it with the world.
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF10aug2014Judas and Jesus (2of2).swf9.98 MiB 152 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF10aug2014Judas and Jesus (1of2).swf9.98 MiB 152 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF9aug2014football.swf9.99 MiB 152 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF8aug2014Bicycle Repairman.swf9.97 MiB 174 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF8aug2014fucking walruses man.swf9.86 MiB 196 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF8aug2014why men don't marry.swf9.86 MiB 174 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF7aug2014Matsuigusa - Kimi to Boku.swf9.95 MiB 478 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF4aug2014「ATTACK ON HILL」 v2.swf9.99 MiB 587 pop
Pretty good, tell you hwat.
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF3aug2014life_hacks.swf9.76 MiB 130 pop
Made a "video sharing template" for some guy, I don't think he ever used it. But I at least put it to work once with these videos. "Life hacks" have gotten a bad reputation due to too many useless or pointless "hacks" but some of these advice/tips are actually pretty useful.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 SWF3aug2014docbrown.swf9.61 MiB 239 pop
Was surprised to learn that there was a spin-off cartoon made from the Back to the Future movies that actually had live action footage with the Doc in each episode. And then more surprised that Bill Nye kicked off his science-guy career in it.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Back to the Future - the Animated Series (1991-1992) S01E01 - Brothers
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Aug2014unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF1aug2014Corrupted by a pure rain v2.swf9.98 MiB 22 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF1aug2014Laziness v2.swf9.96 MiB 65 pop
 TOOL:  On2VP6 FLV Maker
 SWF20mar2014ain't easy.swf1.74 MiB 196 pop
Mostly made this as a test after getting swfchan's new server (with a newer operating system) to make sure the swfloopmaker service was working.
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF24jan2014bone for tuna.swf4.12 MiB 113 pop
I liked his confused reaction to what was said. It's of course a play on words, the phrase "bona fortuna" means "good luck".
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Boardwalk Empire S03E03
  Oct2013unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Oct2013unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF29jun2013rabies.swf6.82 MiB 400 pop
Video of a man experiencing rabies. The background music added to whoever uploaded it to YouTube wasn't in the original video.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: -- Original: University of California
 SWF18apr2013loves_me_not.swf4.62 MiB 274 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF18apr2013chinkycheek.swf1.45 MiB 371 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF18apr2013hoodstory.swf2.84 MiB 935 pop
Good story.
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF18apr2013spacecourse.swf1.17 MiB 323 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF17apr2013frolic.swf4.30 MiB 210 pop
Remember this character? She was a big deal in the online gaming community for a little while.
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF17apr2013stare.swf2.09 MiB 113 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF17apr2013airchase.swf1.69 MiB 161 pop
The wav version of this music loop repeats seamlessly but due to a quirk in the SWF loop maker the cut became really noticable in this one (note that the audio track was extended to two iterations so the glitch only appears on the second repeat, which is when the music data actually ends). This flaw is a big reason why I stopped using the tool myself, it just always works better if you make the loop in CS6. I guess the flaw could be fixed but I never put the time needed into doing that... Thankfully the repeat isn't always as apparent as in this flash.
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF17apr2013two_wheels.swf1.37 MiB 258 pop
I should have tried to cover up that little disturbance in the horizon, then the visuals would have repeated seamlessly.
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF12feb2013car_service.swf5.55 MiB 109 pop
Feels like old episodes of The Simpsons had more sexy ladies.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: The Simpsons - S10E12 - Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
 SWF9feb2013pizza_time.swf2.79 MiB 94 pop
Made for a flash loop tutorial I once wrote. Turned out well, her head syncs a bit with the music (is the full song for tutorial purposes). For some reason I really skimped on the visual quality, kinda bad for a tutorial, visuals should at least look somewhat ok.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Random gif image.
 AUDIO:  Caravan Palace - Maniac
 SWF4feb2013machine.swf8.23 MiB 359 pop
Looks pretty cool, but, what is it...? Has a goofy Swedish song that describes a perpetual motion machine that sometimes can be used too cook porridge during the summer. Didn't put the source in the source bar in this one for some reason. Trivia: I've never actually played Minecraft myself, not even once.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: (video had 794 views on 5jan2018)
 AUDIO:  Michael B. Tretow - Den makalösa manicken
 SWF3feb2013knee-slapping fun.swf6.73 MiB 188 pop
Someone undid the special effects that made her laugh. Uploaded this because someone uploaded a flash prior with the special effects still there, can't remember the filename though. It might have been a joke about apple users.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Source (dead): -- Reupload: -- Original:
 SWF13dec2012inwards.swf3.07 MiB 636 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF13dec2012paintppl.swf4.11 MiB 485 pop
The music really blends into the visuals.
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF6dec2012TMTYL.swf2.04 MiB 121 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF5dec2012deutschland.swf8.99 MiB 1364 pop
If only the chainsaw was orange too!
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF25nov2012angels.swf2.75 MiB 507 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF6nov2012rollby.swf3.10 MiB 254 pop
I like this one a lot, goes well with the music and the visuals repeat well.
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF12oct2012within the city walls.swf9.12 MiB 279 pop
Anno 1404 is a wonderful game but unfortunately you can't build cities like this. Just outside what is show on these screenshots there are support buildings that make the layout look like a mess, the layout of the town was created just for this flash loop.
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF23sep2012mouthfingers.swf2.77 MiB 232 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF23sep2012liferun.swf2.86 MiB 174 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF29aug2012trousers.swf1.54 MiB 100 pop
Short gag. Named it trousers instead of pants because pants.swf is a different flash.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: 5 second films
 SWF29aug2012stapler.swf1.67 MiB 357 pop
Quick gag. Poor guy.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: 5 second films
 SWF25aug2012BulletForTheGuy.swf5.60 MiB 500 pop
I remember making this flash because some guy said that I had lost my touch in loop making since I had been lazy and used swfchan's loop maker to get a bunch of loops out fast. I'm happy with how it turned out, even the source bar below the visuals turned out very pleasing. There's an easteregg that I haven't seen anyone point out in any of the threads: Press space for a different visual loop.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: V for Vendetta (2005)
 AUDIO:  Epic Score - Fire Head
 SWF6aug2012verified_no_cheating.swf8.06 MiB 186 pop
By speedrunning rules (at Speed Demos Archive) you aren't cheating if you're using exploits that shipped with the original game. I just thought it was funny since it looks pretty severe in this one. I actually cheated myself when I made the video because I added the first frame where it says "verified no cheating" myself. It was needed for the joke to really work well and of course this was the ONE video where they didn't add it themselves for some reason. It was verified though because they don't publish unverified videos.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 SWF27jul2012forestglade.swf8.73 MiB 817 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF26jun2012decide.swf1.25 MiB 167 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF19jun2012the1bird.swf1.70 MiB 194 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF31may2012gatorman.swf1.72 MiB 452 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP8may2012ohgodwhat.swf1.40 MiB 219 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SOURCE:  DJ White Magic - Var Ligger Landet Där Man Böjer Bananerna
 LOOP23apr2012window_cleaning.swf2.04 MiB 189 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP23apr2012clownbubble.swf2.15 MiB 243 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP22apr2012port666.swf2.47 MiB 176 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 SWF20apr2012InsideOfHydreigongal.swf2.75 MiB 54 pop
This visual/music combo was actually the idea of someone else (it's the full song) but he couldn't figure out how to put it together. I thought the visuals synced so well with the music that it seemed like a shame if the swf loop was never created so I put it together.
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP19apr2012handjob.swf2.40 MiB 270 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP18apr2012dogaround.swf646.8 KiB 176 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP15apr2012red_thoughts.swf3.07 MiB 189 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP15apr2012golfball.swf1.22 MiB 122 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP10apr2012reliefspin.swf681.3 KiB 162 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP5apr2012vroom.swf1.83 MiB 108 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP3apr2012bloodbreathe.swf677.1 KiB 108 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP3apr2012dildostruck.swf1.37 MiB 122 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP2apr2012arniebump.swf0.99 MiB 68 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP2apr2012shymaid.swf957.5 KiB 122 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP1apr2012catexplorer.swf1.07 MiB 270 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP31mar2012pencils.swf701.1 KiB 93 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP31mar2012babytime.swf355.0 KiB 93 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP30mar2012FireWithFire.swf1.92 MiB 253 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP30mar2012water_and_flame.swf558.9 KiB 93 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP29mar2012tingling_saltation.swf4.03 MiB 507 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP29mar2012yeehaw.swf973.9 KiB 133 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP28mar2012get_it_while_its_easy.swf2.73 MiB 307 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP28mar2012drool.swf289.5 KiB 107 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP28mar2012headgrow.swf0.99 MiB 187 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP28mar2012colorwhirl.swf1.79 MiB 160 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP27mar2012omen_dance.swf1.08 MiB 267 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP27mar2012catbox.swf1.32 MiB 613 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP27mar2012soothing_landscape.swf1.07 MiB 200 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP27mar2012keep_undressing.swf1.42 MiB 160 pop
 TOOL:  swfchan's SWF loop maker
 LOOP13feb2012ice.swf2.20 MiB 303 pop
Press any key to change to slower version with slower music. I never watched the anime, downloaded this episode for meme purposes. Spoiler: That nipple is supposed to belong to a boy.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: Boku no Pico - OVA01 - My Pico
 AUDIO 1:  Hyper - Beyond The Rave
 AUDIO 2:  Ginuwine - Pony
 INAC25jan2012Mr_Jon_Arbuckle.swf8.00 MiB 2182 pop
601 images of Jon's depressing life. Always starts with the same one, after that a list is followed which gets its order randomized every time the flash opens. Left arrow key goes back in the list, all other keys and clicks goes forward. No dupes until all comics have been cycled. I regret it changing image on all keys since it will also change if you toggle volume using your keyboard. Inspired by:
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: Garfield Minus Garfield
 AUDIO:  Chaz Knapp - Acceptance
 LOOP17jan2012flying_high.swf7.34 MiB 234 pop
Visuals are from the ending of one of those quake videos showing off skills. I regret that I didn't time the camera changes a little better with the music. The sparks before repeat weren't added by me, they are in the original footage.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: Quake 3 Arena CPMA: The Contenders 2
 AUDIO:  A Perfect Circle - Peace Love and Understanding
 LOOP23dec2011juligen.swf554.1 KiB 26 pop
Wanted to put this song globally on swfchan for Christmas and it has been up there every year since. Didn't really think about the visuals that much. Made sure it was possible to click to stop the music to prevent user insanity, stores the preference in a local shared object ("flash cookie"). The song itself is pretty popular around Jul in Sweden, the part here in the loop is just a short sample section in it from some even older production.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: Random gif image.
 AUDIO:  Just D - Juligen
 LOOP18dec2011thumb.swf3.10 MiB 308 pop
Don't really like the silence at the beginning, would probably have added some bowling alley ambiance if I remade it today. The visuals have been cut up into segments and the order they playback is randomized. Al's holy bowling thumb is still synced though.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: Married with Children S02E09 - Alley of the Dolls
 AUDIO:  Oncue - Inhale, Exhale (VIKING remix)
 LOOP16dec2011trustworthy.swf1.14 MiB 179 pop
I like this show, though the later seasons weren't as good as the earlier ones. Had intended to make more MWC loops but I ended up not making that many.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: Married with Children S05E12 - Married... with Who?
 AUDIO:  Seether - Your Bore
 LOOP13dec2011masterplan.swf4.28 MiB 282 pop
From one of my favorite games of all time. The title music is really beautiful, unfortunately the composer is dead. They messed up a bit when they created the video, the end of the smoke of one of the missiles gets cut off just before it fades out.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: Evil Genius Main Menu
 AUDIO:  Evil Genius Main Theme
 LOOP1dec2011female_ninja_technique.swf1.45 MiB 218 pop
I think the visuals and music go really well together. I remember editing away some visual glitches in one of the frames that was in the anime.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: Labyrinth of Flames Ep 2 (2000)
 AUDIO:  XeNoMoRpH - The Sewers (No comment edit)
 LOOP1dec2011flame_on.swf2.73 MiB 359 pop
Really strange pose to change to in the middle of your attack.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: Labyrinth of Flames Ep 2 (2000)
 AUDIO:  Velvet Code - Say You Love Me (Designer Drugs Remix)
 LOOP1dec2011mystic_glimmer.swf2.59 MiB 269 pop
Changed how long some of the frames are shown to get that movement.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: Labyrinth of Flames Ep 2 (2000)
 AUDIO:  Tettix - Shades/Work
 LOOP22nov2011zeldaganon.swf5.32 MiB 190 pop
Managed to get the source bar to not fill the whole horizontal space in this one.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS5.55
 VISUALS: Smosh - The Legend of Zelda Rap
 AUDIO:  Massive Attack - Heat Miser
 LOOP12apr2011meanwhile_in_a_distant_land.swf7.32 MiB 419 pop
 LOOP3jan2011spotted_sea_cucumber.swf2.09 MiB 169 pop
 LOOP23nov2010jimmywales.swf3.54 MiB 11 pop
 LOOP22nov2010anticipation.swf7.54 MiB 1297 pop
 LOOP1oct2010ruby.swf1.21 MiB 43 pop
 LOOP1oct2010misery.swf1.72 MiB 43 pop
 LOOP1oct2010iris.swf1.10 MiB 33 pop
 LOOP11aug2010relaxing_storm.swf7.99 MiB 128 pop
 GAME8jul2010Hit_the_Bitch.swf7.62 MiB 716 pop
Another stroke of my twisted humor. In 2009 the domain went up where you are tasked with hitting a girl, proving yourself being gangsta. At the end it is revealed, to your infinite surprise, that you are not really gangsta and that the game was actually part of an anti-domestic violence campaign. Their site received so much traffic from around the world that they limited it to only accept visitors from Denmark. I didn't like that and set out to make the game available to the world once again, though I may have left out part of their message. But I made damn sure that all her insults were intact. My translation to English isn't exactly top notch since I don't speak Danish, and the visual quality has been lowered a lot to make the flash below 8 MiB. A few screenshots and a bit of story of the original game can be found below and above the stage if you make the flash tall. I've intentionally made it possible to cheat in the game by making the flash wide, it allows for a greater score. The biggest flaw is the flash's low frame rate, meaning that mouse movement can't be measured very exact. And lets not forget that I didn't think of allowing backhand slaps, what a miss! But the point of this was hardly to have good gameplay.
 SOURCE:  Machinae Supremacy - Shop Music (Jets'n'Guns)
 LOOP1jun2010go_far.swf3.66 MiB 167 pop
 LOOP7may2010getDownEd.swf1.73 MiB 423 pop
 CLIP21mar2010twelve_beast_gods.swf3.51 MiB 30 pop
 LOOP19mar2010divinity.swf5.49 MiB 162 pop
 LOOP18mar2010watchout.swf7.84 MiB 121 pop
 LOOP24jan2010onwards.swf6.84 MiB 129 pop
 L∞P23dec2009face_duel.swf629.0 KiB 206 pop
 LOOP22dec2009yonder.swf7.60 MiB 382 pop
 LOOP8dec2009alucard.swf2.26 MiB 265 pop
 LOOP8dec2009gnomeparty.swf2.07 MiB 804 pop
 LOOP20nov2009kaboom.swf6.56 MiB 126 pop
 LOOP17nov2009lifestream.swf4.72 MiB 87 pop
 L∞P23oct2009i_can_recursive_forever.swf7.37 MiB 269 pop
 CLIP14oct2009george_lucas.swf7.23 MiB 96 pop
 LOOP19sep2009friday_at_last.swf1.02 MiB 3362 pop
 GAME11sep2009OrbAvoider.swf29.8 KiB 38 pop
I thought I'd try to put a banner in a game one last time and this is the result. Course it wasn't played enough to bother with keeping a banner in it, but I think this one or perhaps JumperThing.swf was the best of my games. What you are supposed to do is avoid everything using your mouse to guide the orb. The red cross will throw all that it has got at you. The only flaw with it is that it requires a computer powerful enough to keep the game at 30 FPS, or else the game play and score will suffer. At the time I had not bothered to learn ActionScript 3 yet, so AS2 makes it slow down. One thing I would have changed had I ever updated it is the interface colors. I'd make them brighter against the black background, hard to see as they are now. But if you play in fullscreen it's alright, though then frame rate will probably suffer.
 LOOP23aug2009trolls.swf5.45 MiB 953 pop
 SIMF22aug2009specialbus.swf1.63 MiB 151 pop
 L∞P28jul2009snap.swf1.63 MiB 290 pop
 L∞P24jul2009insnae.swf831.7 KiB 150 pop
 LOOP26jun2009trinity.swf6.73 MiB 407 pop
 SIMF10jun2009showoff.swf4.44 MiB 74 pop
 SIMF10jun2009strut.swf3.97 MiB 148 pop
 LOOP10may2009finally_peace.swf5.84 MiB 330 pop
 LOOP19apr2009neigh.swf1.07 MiB 127 pop
 SIMF16apr2009concentration.swf464.5 KiB 100 pop
 SIMF13apr2009success.swf245.8 KiB 255 pop
 SIMF10apr2009expressed_urges.swf1.99 MiB 118 pop
 CLIP29mar2009FYI I am a SPY.swf224.0 KiB 99 pop
 SIMF19mar2009prisonjig.swf2.39 MiB 81 pop
 SIMF19mar2009gogocage.swf646.8 KiB 631 pop
 SIMF8mar2009becauseyouareyou.swf735.2 KiB 1369 pop
 SIMF8mar2009chestbeat.swf1.55 MiB 90 pop
 CLIP20feb20098-in-1_Super_Pan.swf7.08 MiB 54 pop
 CLIP10feb2009Mr_Hankey_The_Christmas_Poo.swf6.08 MiB 36 pop
 SIMF8feb2009peasons.swf1.73 MiB 80 pop
 L∞P17jan2009Choose_to_give_it.swf4.64 MiB 27 pop
 CLIP3jan2009Aladdin 1992 English and Swedish - Prince Ali.swf7.78 MiB 9 pop
Apparently one Aladdin flash wasn't enough so the next day I made three more. First we have the song when the prince is coming to the palace.
 SOURCE:  Aladdin (1992)
 CLIP3jan2009Aladdin 1992 English and Swedish - Arabian Nights.swf3.41 MiB 27 pop
Then we have the movie's intro song. You'd think that I should have started with this one.
 SOURCE:  Aladdin (1992)
 CLIP3jan2009Aladdin 1992 English and Swedish - Prince Ali Reprise.swf3.67 MiB 44 pop
Finally we have the song sung when the princess learns the truth about her prince. I love the end-scream that Jafar does in the Swedish version by the way, just listen to that laughter.
 SOURCE:  Aladdin (1992)
 CLIP2jan2009Aladdin 1992 English and Swedish - Friend Like Me.swf7.71 MiB 27 pop
For some reason I one day wanted to show /f/ how Aladdin sounded in Swedish. And I did. This is the genie song.
 SOURCE:  Aladdin (1992)
 CLIP27dec2008healthy_shave.swf986.5 KiB 70 pop
 LOOP7dec2008and_how.swf2.90 MiB 211 pop
 LOOP6dec2008platecatch.swf360.3 KiB 289 pop
 LOOP6dec2008the_preparation_of_liquid_delight.swf2.20 MiB 114 pop
 L∞P2dec2008proper_ending.swf4.80 MiB 114 pop
 LOOP29nov2008blinkie.swf1.93 MiB 139 pop
 SIMF18nov2008streetparty.swf2.13 MiB 391 pop
 SIMF18nov2008growlforus.swf375.4 KiB 61 pop
 SIMF16nov2008springbreak.swf2.72 MiB 261 pop
 SIMF15nov2008titsandbeer.swf1.16 MiB 130 pop
 SIMF15nov2008knowgirl.swf2.73 MiB 61 pop
 SIMF15nov2008theverysoul.swf3.04 MiB 61 pop
 SIMF15nov2008truthtold.swf821.6 KiB 61 pop
 SIMF14nov2008spazstics.swf1.91 MiB 87 pop
 SIMF14nov2008oohyeeah.swf503.1 KiB 61 pop
 SIMF13nov2008inthesnow.swf1.22 MiB 61 pop
 SIMF12nov2008circleoflife.swf1.27 MiB 104 pop
 SIMF12nov2008nothingatall.swf704.4 KiB 252 pop
 SIMF12nov2008pogohoop.swf2.01 MiB 209 pop
 SIMF12nov2008closetothesun.swf1.56 MiB 252 pop
 SIMF12nov2008footwork.swf1.48 MiB 70 pop
 SIMF11nov2008deepslide.swf794.0 KiB 87 pop
 SIMF11nov2008morphbelly.swf473.6 KiB 87 pop
 SIMF11nov2008badslaves.swf1.06 MiB 78 pop
 SIMF11nov2008dressup.swf2.84 MiB 122 pop
 SIMF11nov2008dressupdown.swf2.39 MiB 113 pop
 SIMF11nov2008springpain.swf2.22 MiB 96 pop
 SIMF11nov2008burrn.swf1.62 MiB 452 pop
 SIMF10nov2008headspace.swf1.25 MiB 122 pop
 SIMF10nov2008antsandchips.swf3.44 MiB 174 pop
 SIMF9nov2008shocking.swf840.1 KiB 104 pop
 SIMF8nov2008nod.swf891.4 KiB 209 pop
 SIMF8nov2008spiked_liquid.swf3.01 MiB 174 pop
 SIMF8nov2008lightness.swf1.85 MiB 165 pop
 SIMF27oct2008backseat.swf1.26 MiB 147 pop
 SIMF26oct2008gochair.swf1.87 MiB 207 pop
 SIMF26oct2008good_squishy.swf1.46 MiB 138 pop
 GAME7oct2008BoxDown.swf20.3 KiB 26 pop
Yet another cheap knock-off game of mine, however I can't remember the one I based this one on. The concept exists in several forms, even on people's calculators. You're supposed to guide the square towards the bottom so that it doesn't get flattened. On the surface it can look good but I screwed up again. First of all it takes forever until it actually gets near-hard and second of all the square you control is able to move faster as the game progress. This means that all you really have to do is press left and right and the square will find the way to the bottom by itself. Can't believe I missed such a big flaw. Oh well. Never bothered to fix it either. I think it gets glitched if you manage to survive too long, then the walls move so fast that they don't collide with the box.
 GAME4oct2008ClickingFeeling.swf22.5 KiB 26 pop
Another quick knock-off, this time of Cursor Invisible. I really screwed up with this game badly since you can get a big score by just clicking as fast as you can. If any of my few games needs a second version it would be this one, it needs to get much, much harder a lot faster to become even remotely interesting. Cursor Invisible that I based this game on is a lot more fun to play. I'd say this is the worst game I've ever made gameplay wise.
 GAME3oct2008JumperThing.swf20.3 KiB 52 pop
A quick knock-off of The Bounce. Realizing from my previous game that I shouldn't make things too advanced this game is much simpler, and then a bit more fun. Press space and then avoid the red squares while taking the green squares. However if your box changes his facial expression it means that he is going so fast that he will actually destroy the red squares, then you should collect the reds as well for extra points. There's no end, keep going until you run out of life (which regenerates slowly).
 GAME26sep2008SquareKeeper.swf33.8 KiB 26 pop
Once upon a time I decided to test putting banner ads into flash games. Usually I hate typical ads in flash games that are put on locked splash screens, but I don't really have anything against regular banner ads next to the content. I hoped that if these games spread wildly enough it would mean an easy way of financing my sites. Sadly they didn't and I soon abandoned making flash games. Admittingly though, much effort wasn't put into making these games nor trying to spread them. I never even updated any of them to a second version. Anyway, this game is about collecting coins with your mouse and collecting energy with your red square, then you use the coins for upgrades (press space bar, ten coins gives one shop credit). Three big flaws is that there's a lot of text to take, the colors are a bit too light in and most people find the movement annoying. But it makes more sense if you think of the red square as a car that can only go forwards (unless the "Pathfinder" upgrade is aquired). One funny thing is that there is a way to earn an infinite score in this where you can go AFK and never lose. Whoops. See if you can figure out how.
 L∞P19sep2008404.swf368.7 KiB 1487 pop
 ANI9sep2008one_piece_over.swf2.26 MiB 9 pop
A little joke I threw together to see if anyone would really think One Piece had ended like that (the anime had not reached this point yet). Poorly executed, I should have shopped away the "the crew scattered" line at the end. Also missed that a T is missing in the word "the" on the last frame (was like that in the manga release I used, whichever that was).
 SOURCE:  Manga = One Piece Chapter 513 Music = Neon Genesis Evangelion - Come, Sweet Death
 HYBR9aug2008old_enough.swf7.85 MiB 949 pop
 APH1aug2008anon_partyhard71.swf247.6 KiB 42 pop
 APH1aug2008anon_partyhard72.swf702.8 KiB 25 pop
 APH1aug2008anon_partyhard73.swf359.8 KiB 8 pop
 APH1aug2008anon_partyhard74.swf970.5 KiB 51 pop
 APH1aug2008anon_partyhard75.swf334.9 KiB 76 pop
 APH1aug2008anon_partyhard76.swf509.4 KiB 25 pop
 APH1aug2008anon_partyhard77.swf345.6 KiB 17 pop
 APH1aug2008anon_partyhard78.swf262.6 KiB 102 pop
 APH1aug2008anon_partyhard79.swf488.6 KiB 85 pop
 APH1aug2008anon_partyhard80.swf919.8 KiB 59 pop
 APH23jun2008anon_partyhard350.swf925.5 KiB 100 pop
 APH21jun2008anon_partyhard349.swf762.7 KiB 50 pop
 L∞P21jun2008kick_it.swf1.18 MiB 92 pop
 APH20jun2008anon_partyhard348.swf275.3 KiB 200 pop
 APH19jun2008anon_partyhard347.swf936.6 KiB 25 pop
 L∞P19jun2008cat_jump.swf1.41 MiB 58 pop
 APH18jun2008anon_partyhard346.swf889.7 KiB 33 pop
 CLIP18jun2008would_you_like_this.swf5.19 MiB 67 pop
 APH17jun2008anon_partyhard345.swf754.1 KiB 33 pop
 APH16jun2008anon_partyhard344.swf861.2 KiB 17 pop
 APH15jun2008anon_partyhard342.swf803.9 KiB 17 pop
 APH15jun2008anon_partyhard343.swf883.4 KiB 33 pop
 APH14jun2008anon_partyhard341.swf338.1 KiB 17 pop
 APH13jun2008anon_partyhard338.swf846.3 KiB 67 pop
 APH13jun2008anon_partyhard339.swf926.5 KiB 58 pop
 APH13jun2008anon_partyhard340.swf284.5 KiB 83 pop
 APH30may2008anon_partyhard334.swf911.7 KiB 33 pop
 APH30may2008anon_partyhard335.swf438.7 KiB 33 pop
 APH30may2008anon_partyhard336.swf413.6 KiB 17 pop
 APH30may2008anon_partyhard337.swf851.5 KiB 25 pop
 APH23may2008anon_partyhard329.swf686.7 KiB 17 pop
 APH23may2008anon_partyhard330.swf828.7 KiB 25 pop
 APH23may2008anon_partyhard331.swf643.9 KiB 8 pop
 APH23may2008anon_partyhard332.swf373.2 KiB 8 pop
 APH23may2008anon_partyhard333.swf759.2 KiB 107 pop
 APH22may2008anon_partyhard323.swf887.4 KiB 41 pop
 APH22may2008anon_partyhard324.swf851.1 KiB 17 pop
 APH22may2008anon_partyhard325.swf924.6 KiB 74 pop
 APH22may2008anon_partyhard326.swf787.7 KiB 17 pop
 APH22may2008anon_partyhard327.swf240.0 KiB 17 pop
 APH22may2008anon_partyhard328.swf755.3 KiB 17 pop
 APH19may2008anon_partyhard322.swf412.4 KiB 74 pop
 APH18may2008anon_partyhard321.swf895.3 KiB 58 pop
 APH14may2008anon_partyhard317.swf915.4 KiB 17 pop
 APH14may2008anon_partyhard318.swf734.0 KiB 33 pop
 APH14may2008anon_partyhard319.swf812.3 KiB 25 pop
 APH14may2008anon_partyhard320.swf976.0 KiB 33 pop
 APH13may2008anon_partyhard315.swf935.9 KiB 17 pop
 APH13may2008anon_partyhard316.swf927.4 KiB 41 pop
 APH12may2008anon_partyhard312.swf721.3 KiB 17 pop
 APH12may2008anon_partyhard313.swf731.2 KiB 50 pop
 APH12may2008anon_partyhard314.swf944.5 KiB 25 pop
 APH11may2008anon_partyhard311.swf950.3 KiB 33 pop
 APH10may2008anon_partyhard307.swf879.1 KiB 41 pop
 APH10may2008anon_partyhard308.swf861.8 KiB 58 pop
 APH10may2008anon_partyhard309.swf419.1 KiB 33 pop
 APH10may2008anon_partyhard310.swf974.7 KiB 74 pop
 APH9may2008anon_partyhard306.swf955.9 KiB 74 pop
 APH7may2008anon_partyhard304.swf856.3 KiB 17 pop
 APH7may2008anon_partyhard305.swf930.4 KiB 25 pop
 APH6may2008anon_partyhard303.swf954.4 KiB 17 pop
 APH5may2008anon_partyhard302.swf953.9 KiB 8 pop
 L∞P5may2008swfchan.swf4.68 MiB 380 pop
 SOURCE:  Air - Electronic Performers
 APH28apr2008anon_partyhard301.swf741.8 KiB 33 pop
 APH16apr2008anon_partyhard296.swf922.2 KiB 16 pop
 APH16apr2008anon_partyhard297.swf831.2 KiB 90 pop
 APH16apr2008anon_partyhard298.swf904.4 KiB 82 pop
 APH16apr2008anon_partyhard299.swf680.1 KiB 25 pop
 APH16apr2008anon_partyhard300.swf812.0 KiB 82 pop
 APH14apr2008anon_partyhard291.swf746.0 KiB 8 pop
 APH14apr2008anon_partyhard292.swf863.3 KiB 33 pop
 APH14apr2008anon_partyhard293.swf406.0 KiB 8 pop
 APH14apr2008anon_partyhard294.swf995.5 KiB 16 pop
 APH14apr2008anon_partyhard295.swf983.0 KiB 25 pop
 APH12apr2008anon_partyhard286.swf928.4 KiB 8 pop
 APH12apr2008anon_partyhard287.swf300.7 KiB 8 pop
 APH12apr2008anon_partyhard288.swf989.9 KiB 8 pop
 APH12apr2008anon_partyhard289.swf840.1 KiB 16 pop
 APH12apr2008anon_partyhard290.swf525.9 KiB 33 pop
 APH11apr2008anon_partyhard281.swf836.6 KiB 16 pop
 APH11apr2008anon_partyhard282.swf607.6 KiB 33 pop
 APH11apr2008anon_partyhard283.swf715.2 KiB 8 pop
 APH11apr2008anon_partyhard284.swf517.0 KiB 25 pop
 APH11apr2008anon_partyhard285.swf961.3 KiB 49 pop
 APH10apr2008anon_partyhard276.swf681.6 KiB 8 pop
 APH10apr2008anon_partyhard277.swf281.1 KiB 8 pop
 APH10apr2008anon_partyhard278.swf248.9 KiB 25 pop
 APH10apr2008anon_partyhard279.swf981.3 KiB 8 pop
 APH10apr2008anon_partyhard280.swf622.1 KiB 8 pop
 APH29mar2008anon_partyhard271.swf880.0 KiB 24 pop
 APH29mar2008anon_partyhard272.swf399.5 KiB 16 pop
 APH29mar2008anon_partyhard273.swf952.1 KiB 8 pop
 APH29mar2008anon_partyhard274.swf799.7 KiB 16 pop
 APH29mar2008anon_partyhard275.swf550.3 KiB 24 pop
 APH28mar2008anon_partyhard266.swf602.3 KiB 16 pop
 APH28mar2008anon_partyhard267.swf890.0 KiB 41 pop
 APH28mar2008anon_partyhard268.swf362.0 KiB 16 pop
 APH28mar2008anon_partyhard269.swf355.8 KiB 16 pop
 APH28mar2008anon_partyhard270.swf889.8 KiB 16 pop
 APH19mar2008anon_partyhard261.swf965.7 KiB 65 pop
 APH19mar2008anon_partyhard262.swf824.7 KiB 16 pop
 APH19mar2008anon_partyhard263.swf712.6 KiB 8 pop
 APH19mar2008anon_partyhard264.swf754.4 KiB 24 pop
 APH19mar2008anon_partyhard265.swf496.7 KiB 8 pop
 APH12mar2008anon_partyhard256.swf896.3 KiB 16 pop
 APH12mar2008anon_partyhard257.swf862.2 KiB 73 pop
 APH12mar2008anon_partyhard258.swf423.2 KiB 8 pop
 APH12mar2008anon_partyhard259.swf481.5 KiB 73 pop
 APH12mar2008anon_partyhard260.swf800.5 KiB 24 pop
 APH28feb2008anon_partyhard252.swf825.4 KiB 16 pop
 APH28feb2008anon_partyhard253.swf964.4 KiB 56 pop
 APH28feb2008anon_partyhard254.swf657.6 KiB 24 pop
 APH28feb2008anon_partyhard255.swf934.5 KiB 32 pop
 APH12feb2008hail_xenu.swf2.27 MiB 24 pop
What you are hearing is my not-so-great attempt to voice Xenu. I had been wanting to try and voice something and I decided to make this since at the time it was the dawn of the Scientology era of the Internet. The character you see appears for about 2 seconds in the South Park episode that raised awareness of Scientology outside relatively small circles. The speech I'm reading is an official message that Trey Parker and Matt Stone issued openly to the cult when Comedy Central pulled a rerun of the SP episode.
 SOURCE:  Screenshot = South Park S09E12 Trapped in the Closet Music = Nightwish - Ghost Love Score
 APH11feb2008anon_partyhard251.swf512.3 KiB 73 pop
 APH4feb2008anon_partyhard246.swf768.2 KiB 16 pop
 APH4feb2008anon_partyhard247.swf881.7 KiB 24 pop
 APH4feb2008anon_partyhard248.swf911.1 KiB 16 pop
 APH4feb2008anon_partyhard249.swf955.0 KiB 113 pop
 APH4feb2008anon_partyhard250.swf718.6 KiB 48 pop
 APH3feb2008anon_partyhard241.swf972.3 KiB 48 pop
 APH3feb2008anon_partyhard242.swf291.6 KiB 32 pop
 APH3feb2008anon_partyhard243.swf483.3 KiB 40 pop
 APH3feb2008anon_partyhard244.swf420.2 KiB 16 pop
 APH3feb2008anon_partyhard245.swf236.9 KiB 8 pop
 APH29jan2008anon_partyhard236.swf556.4 KiB 8 pop
 APH29jan2008anon_partyhard237.swf953.6 KiB 24 pop
 APH29jan2008anon_partyhard238.swf682.2 KiB 16 pop
 APH29jan2008anon_partyhard239.swf732.5 KiB 8 pop
 APH29jan2008anon_partyhard240.swf975.9 KiB 16 pop
 APH28jan2008anon_partyhard231.swf588.2 KiB 16 pop
 APH28jan2008anon_partyhard232.swf794.1 KiB 24 pop
 APH28jan2008anon_partyhard233.swf564.1 KiB 16 pop
 APH28jan2008anon_partyhard234.swf776.4 KiB 32 pop
 APH28jan2008anon_partyhard235.swf863.4 KiB 16 pop
 APH23jan2008anon_partyhard226.swf762.9 KiB 72 pop
 APH23jan2008anon_partyhard227.swf926.9 KiB 24 pop
 APH23jan2008anon_partyhard228.swf903.4 KiB 16 pop
 APH23jan2008anon_partyhard229.swf182.8 KiB 80 pop
 APH23jan2008anon_partyhard230.swf517.4 KiB 112 pop
 APH22jan2008anon_partyhard221.swf865.9 KiB 24 pop
 APH22jan2008anon_partyhard222.swf968.8 KiB 24 pop
 APH22jan2008anon_partyhard223.swf745.0 KiB 8 pop
 APH22jan2008anon_partyhard224.swf217.0 KiB 8 pop
 APH22jan2008anon_partyhard225.swf846.2 KiB 16 pop
 APH22jan2008touch_you.swf1.34 MiB 216 pop
 SOURCE:  Danni Minogue - All I Wanna Do
 APH20jan2008anon_partyhard216.swf477.7 KiB 24 pop
 APH20jan2008anon_partyhard217.swf946.5 KiB 8 pop
 APH20jan2008anon_partyhard218.swf969.0 KiB 24 pop
 APH20jan2008anon_partyhard219.swf834.1 KiB 16 pop
 APH20jan2008anon_partyhard220.swf976.9 KiB 32 pop
 APH13jan2008anon_partyhard211.swf910.5 KiB 8 pop
 APH13jan2008anon_partyhard212.swf584.8 KiB 8 pop
 APH13jan2008anon_partyhard213.swf971.3 KiB 8 pop
 APH13jan2008anon_partyhard214.swf902.0 KiB 120 pop
 APH13jan2008anon_partyhard215.swf379.3 KiB 24 pop
 APH12jan2008anon_partyhard206.swf948.0 KiB 16 pop
 APH12jan2008anon_partyhard207.swf300.6 KiB 104 pop
 APH12jan2008anon_partyhard208.swf276.9 KiB 40 pop
 APH12jan2008anon_partyhard209.swf908.9 KiB 24 pop
 APH12jan2008anon_partyhard210.swf932.3 KiB 48 pop
 APH11jan2008anon_partyhard202.swf948.0 KiB 648 pop
 APH11jan2008anon_partyhard203.swf925.8 KiB 24 pop
 APH11jan2008anon_partyhard204.swf841.2 KiB 96 pop
 APH11jan2008anon_partyhard205.swf991.2 KiB 8 pop
 APH1jan2008anon_partyhard201.swf745.4 KiB 24 pop
 LOOP1jan2008happy_new_year.swf1.88 MiB 96 pop
 SOURCE:  Boards of Canada - Chromakey Dreamcoat
 CLIP31dec2007a_joke.swf5.70 MiB 214 pop
 SOURCE:  Grotesco Volume 1 Episode 2
 APH31dec2007anon_partyhard200.swf997.9 KiB 103 pop
 L∞P30dec2007more_adorable_kittens.swf6.92 MiB 214 pop
 APH21dec2007anon_partyhard196.swf827.0 KiB 63 pop
 APH21dec2007anon_partyhard197.swf787.6 KiB 32 pop
 APH21dec2007anon_partyhard198.swf843.7 KiB 48 pop
 APH21dec2007anon_partyhard199.swf837.0 KiB 32 pop
 LOOP11dec2007ninjaflood.swf911.3 KiB 111 pop
 SOURCE:  dubmood - Ninjaflood starts school
 APH26nov2007anon_partyhard191.swf445.0 KiB 8 pop
 APH26nov2007anon_partyhard192.swf447.7 KiB 16 pop
 APH26nov2007anon_partyhard193.swf762.6 KiB 31 pop
 APH26nov2007anon_partyhard194.swf363.2 KiB 63 pop
 APH26nov2007anon_partyhard195.swf888.6 KiB 669 pop
 APH24nov2007anon_partyhard181.swf774.2 KiB 31 pop
 APH24nov2007anon_partyhard182.swf945.3 KiB 39 pop
 APH24nov2007anon_partyhard183.swf970.1 KiB 31 pop
 APH24nov2007anon_partyhard184.swf995.7 KiB 31 pop
 APH24nov2007anon_partyhard185.swf390.8 KiB 16 pop
 APH24nov2007anon_partyhard186.swf921.2 KiB 8 pop
 APH24nov2007anon_partyhard187.swf254.9 KiB 8 pop
 APH24nov2007anon_partyhard188.swf562.4 KiB 16 pop
 APH24nov2007anon_partyhard189.swf356.6 KiB 8 pop
 APH24nov2007anon_partyhard190.swf634.2 KiB 31 pop
 APH29oct2007anon_partyhard176.swf309.0 KiB 94 pop
 APH29oct2007anon_partyhard177.swf223.5 KiB 16 pop
 APH29oct2007anon_partyhard178.swf837.3 KiB 62 pop
 APH29oct2007anon_partyhard179.swf355.7 KiB 39 pop
 APH29oct2007anon_partyhard180.swf772.8 KiB 16 pop
 APH27oct2007anon_partyhard171.swf580.4 KiB 8 pop
 APH27oct2007anon_partyhard172.swf622.9 KiB 16 pop
 APH27oct2007anon_partyhard173.swf707.2 KiB 31 pop
 APH27oct2007anon_partyhard174.swf431.8 KiB 16 pop
 APH27oct2007anon_partyhard175.swf296.8 KiB 47 pop
 APH26oct2007anon_partyhard166.swf849.2 KiB 39 pop
 APH26oct2007anon_partyhard167.swf897.9 KiB 16 pop
 APH26oct2007anon_partyhard168.swf498.7 KiB 23 pop
 APH26oct2007anon_partyhard169.swf223.2 KiB 23 pop
 APH26oct2007anon_partyhard170.swf805.2 KiB 8 pop
 APH25oct2007anon_partyhard156.swf923.7 KiB 31 pop
 APH25oct2007anon_partyhard157.swf605.8 KiB 16 pop
 APH25oct2007anon_partyhard158.swf539.5 KiB 156 pop
 APH25oct2007anon_partyhard159.swf536.4 KiB 16 pop
 APH25oct2007anon_partyhard160.swf428.8 KiB 16 pop
 APH25oct2007anon_partyhard161.swf699.1 KiB 8 pop
 APH25oct2007anon_partyhard162.swf732.2 KiB 31 pop
 APH25oct2007anon_partyhard163.swf927.3 KiB 16 pop
 APH25oct2007anon_partyhard164.swf752.7 KiB 55 pop
 APH25oct2007anon_partyhard165.swf906.4 KiB 16 pop
 CLIP25oct2007girl_drink.swf7.83 MiB 47 pop
 SOURCE:  Kids in the Hall S03E02
 APH24oct2007anon_partyhard146.swf290.3 KiB 16 pop
 APH24oct2007anon_partyhard147.swf590.1 KiB 8 pop
 APH24oct2007anon_partyhard148.swf824.7 KiB 8 pop
 APH24oct2007anon_partyhard149.swf953.2 KiB 94 pop
 APH24oct2007anon_partyhard150.swf958.8 KiB 188 pop
 APH24oct2007anon_partyhard151.swf263.9 KiB 23 pop
 APH24oct2007anon_partyhard152.swf455.7 KiB 8 pop
 APH24oct2007anon_partyhard153.swf219.0 KiB 16 pop
 APH24oct2007anon_partyhard154.swf326.0 KiB 8 pop
 APH24oct2007anon_partyhard155.swf973.5 KiB 23 pop
 LOOP22oct2007caturday_nap.swf1.20 MiB 78 pop
 SOURCE:  Flipsyde - Time
 L∞P20oct2007subliminal_disney.swf243.2 KiB 78 pop
 SOURCE:  AIR - Hair Do
 L∞P12oct2007the_cake_is_a_lie.swf7.80 MiB 102 pop
 SOURCE:  Portal 1 ending credits ("Still Alive")
 LOOP10oct2007nazi_power.swf4.51 MiB 78 pop
 SOURCE:  Series = Percy Tårar EP5 Music = Rammstein - Bestrafe Mich
 L∞P10oct2007what_we_see.swf579.8 KiB 898 pop
 SOURCE:  8bit bEtty - And I Know That You're Happy (ballad of the lonesome spaceboy)
 L∞P10oct2007Right_Brain_vs_Left_Brain.swf1.03 MiB 102 pop
 SOURCE:  Bonobo - Recurring
 LOOP9oct2007healing_wounds.swf5.28 MiB 109 pop
 SOURCE:  Series = Heroes S02E03 Music = Linkin Park - Crawling
 APH26sep2007anon_partyhard141.swf891.2 KiB 62 pop
 APH26sep2007anon_partyhard142.swf278.0 KiB 62 pop
 APH26sep2007anon_partyhard143.swf961.3 KiB 78 pop
 APH26sep2007anon_partyhard144.swf988.3 KiB 132 pop
 APH26sep2007anon_partyhard145.swf355.5 KiB 70 pop
 CLIP25sep2007welcome_to_the_board.swf7.28 MiB 116 pop
 SOURCE:  NileCity 105.6 (1994) EP4
 APH21sep2007anon_partyhard136.swf470.3 KiB 16 pop
 APH21sep2007anon_partyhard137.swf287.5 KiB 16 pop
 APH21sep2007anon_partyhard138.swf969.4 KiB 16 pop
 APH21sep2007anon_partyhard139.swf274.9 KiB 8 pop
 APH21sep2007anon_partyhard140.swf953.4 KiB 23 pop
 APH20sep2007anon_partyhard131.swf803.5 KiB 23 pop
 APH20sep2007anon_partyhard132.swf714.5 KiB 31 pop
 APH20sep2007anon_partyhard133.swf687.7 KiB 47 pop
 APH20sep2007anon_partyhard134.swf213.2 KiB 47 pop
 APH20sep2007anon_partyhard135.swf991.7 KiB 16 pop
 LOOP18sep2007spengebab_popsicle.swf585.8 KiB 54 pop
 SOURCE:  Boards of Canada - Into the Rainbow Vein
 HYBR13sep2007eastwood_in_the_woods.swf6.96 MiB 171 pop
 SOURCE:  Movie = Pale Rider (1985) Music = Basement Jaxx - Jus 1 Kiss (The Isley Bootleg)
 CLIP10sep2007muslims_christians_jews.swf2.99 MiB 85 pop
 SOURCE:  "Religion" by Marcus Brigstock
 CLIP10sep2007gold_fever.swf6.93 MiB 23 pop
 SOURCE:  Paint Your Wagon (1969)
 CLIP10sep2007candlejack_full.swf7.79 MiB 248 pop
 SOURCE:  Freakazoid S01E02 Candle Jack
 CLIP7sep2007mean_kitty_song.swf6.55 MiB 39 pop
Wanted to see what /f/ had to say about this. I mean, it's kinda cute but at the same time... well...
 APH30aug2007anon_partyhard121.swf241.2 KiB 15 pop
 APH30aug2007anon_partyhard122.swf859.2 KiB 15 pop
 APH30aug2007anon_partyhard123.swf305.3 KiB 15 pop
 APH30aug2007anon_partyhard124.swf471.7 KiB 108 pop
 APH30aug2007anon_partyhard125.swf275.3 KiB 8 pop
 APH30aug2007anon_partyhard126.swf781.0 KiB 8 pop
 APH30aug2007anon_partyhard127.swf823.9 KiB 15 pop
 APH30aug2007anon_partyhard128.swf549.0 KiB 54 pop
 APH30aug2007anon_partyhard129.swf807.0 KiB 38 pop
 APH30aug2007anon_partyhard130.swf392.2 KiB 8 pop
 APH29aug2007anon_partyhard111.swf657.2 KiB 15 pop
 APH29aug2007anon_partyhard112.swf344.0 KiB 15 pop
 APH29aug2007anon_partyhard113.swf597.2 KiB 8 pop
 APH29aug2007anon_partyhard114.swf381.0 KiB 15 pop
 APH29aug2007anon_partyhard115.swf948.6 KiB 38 pop
 APH29aug2007anon_partyhard116.swf497.5 KiB 15 pop
 APH29aug2007anon_partyhard117.swf786.8 KiB 46 pop
 APH29aug2007anon_partyhard118.swf339.4 KiB 15 pop
 APH29aug2007anon_partyhard119.swf837.5 KiB 115 pop
 APH29aug2007anon_partyhard120.swf961.7 KiB 8 pop
 APH28aug2007anon_partyhard101.swf844.7 KiB 15 pop
 APH28aug2007anon_partyhard102.swf982.9 KiB 146 pop
 APH28aug2007anon_partyhard103.swf331.8 KiB 15 pop
 APH28aug2007anon_partyhard104.swf614.7 KiB 15 pop
 APH28aug2007anon_partyhard105.swf360.0 KiB 15 pop
 APH28aug2007anon_partyhard106.swf963.9 KiB 8 pop
 APH28aug2007anon_partyhard107.swf337.1 KiB 23 pop
 APH28aug2007anon_partyhard108.swf821.4 KiB 23 pop
 APH28aug2007anon_partyhard109.swf356.9 KiB 15 pop
 APH28aug2007anon_partyhard110.swf738.1 KiB 31 pop
 HYBR22aug2007WolfQuest.swf7.64 MiB 177 pop
 SOURCE:  Core - Dead Feelings
 APH16aug2007anon_partyhard100.swf994.0 KiB 92 pop
 APH15aug2007anon_partyhard91.swf950.2 KiB 15 pop
 APH15aug2007anon_partyhard92.swf640.6 KiB 23 pop
 APH15aug2007anon_partyhard93.swf202.1 KiB 15 pop
 APH15aug2007anon_partyhard94.swf679.7 KiB 23 pop
 APH15aug2007anon_partyhard95.swf193.4 KiB 23 pop
 APH15aug2007anon_partyhard96.swf823.4 KiB 15 pop
 APH15aug2007anon_partyhard97.swf380.9 KiB 15 pop
 APH15aug2007anon_partyhard98.swf289.4 KiB 46 pop
 APH15aug2007anon_partyhard99.swf565.7 KiB 62 pop
 L∞P14aug2007ello_puppet.swf7.87 MiB 685 pop
 SOURCE:  Movie = The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) Music = Freezepop - Swimming Pool
 LOOP14aug2007alley_munch.swf2.78 MiB 85 pop
 SOURCE:  Movie = Dead Man (1995) Music = Lords of Acid - Slave To Love
 APH13aug2007anon_partyhard86.swf298.9 KiB 15 pop
 APH13aug2007anon_partyhard87.swf979.2 KiB 46 pop
 APH13aug2007anon_partyhard88.swf605.5 KiB 8 pop
 APH13aug2007anon_partyhard89.swf882.0 KiB 46 pop
 APH13aug2007anon_partyhard90.swf920.6 KiB 446 pop
 APH13aug2007Inspector_Gadget.swf1.16 MiB 8 pop
Guess I wanted to make something bad and came up with this.
 SOURCE:  Doctor Steel - Inspector Gadget
 APH12aug2007anon_partyhard81.swf370.0 KiB 15 pop
 APH12aug2007anon_partyhard82.swf635.8 KiB 231 pop
 APH12aug2007anon_partyhard83.swf366.2 KiB 38 pop
 APH12aug2007anon_partyhard84.swf318.0 KiB 8 pop
 APH12aug2007anon_partyhard85.swf245.2 KiB 23 pop
 HYBR4aug2007Western_Rape.swf7.95 MiB 146 pop
 SOURCE:  Movie = Once upon a time in the west (1968) Music = Megaman 2 Theme
 APH31jul2007anon_partyhard61.swf226.0 KiB 69 pop
 APH31jul2007anon_partyhard62.swf898.1 KiB 31 pop
 APH31jul2007anon_partyhard63.swf368.9 KiB 15 pop
 APH31jul2007anon_partyhard64.swf289.0 KiB 23 pop
 APH31jul2007anon_partyhard65.swf884.1 KiB 46 pop
 APH31jul2007anon_partyhard66.swf431.6 KiB 15 pop
 APH31jul2007anon_partyhard67.swf953.1 KiB 23 pop
 APH31jul2007anon_partyhard68.swf889.1 KiB 31 pop
 APH31jul2007anon_partyhard69.swf773.0 KiB 8 pop
 APH31jul2007anon_partyhard70.swf178.1 KiB 15 pop
 APH28jul2007anon_partyhard51.swf234.2 KiB 107 pop
 APH28jul2007anon_partyhard52.swf302.8 KiB 15 pop
 APH28jul2007anon_partyhard53.swf470.8 KiB 8 pop
 APH28jul2007anon_partyhard54.swf353.8 KiB 8 pop
 APH28jul2007anon_partyhard55.swf338.4 KiB 8 pop
 APH28jul2007anon_partyhard56.swf438.3 KiB 61 pop
 APH28jul2007anon_partyhard57.swf591.2 KiB 15 pop
 APH28jul2007anon_partyhard58.swf883.3 KiB 38 pop
 APH28jul2007anon_partyhard59.swf414.7 KiB 31 pop
 APH28jul2007anon_partyhard60.swf189.9 KiB 8 pop
 APH26jul2007anon_partyhard41.swf320.5 KiB 31 pop
 APH26jul2007anon_partyhard42.swf180.0 KiB 61 pop
 APH26jul2007anon_partyhard43.swf698.9 KiB 31 pop
 APH26jul2007anon_partyhard44.swf521.5 KiB 8 pop
 APH26jul2007anon_partyhard45.swf262.5 KiB 15 pop
 APH26jul2007anon_partyhard46.swf233.5 KiB 38 pop
 APH26jul2007anon_partyhard47.swf182.2 KiB 15 pop
 APH26jul2007anon_partyhard48.swf983.8 KiB 53 pop
 APH26jul2007anon_partyhard49.swf373.6 KiB 8 pop
 APH26jul2007anon_partyhard50.swf538.7 KiB 99 pop
 LOOP7jul2007jc_hero.swf641.0 KiB 31 pop
 APH6jul2007anon_partyhard31.swf235.8 KiB 31 pop
 APH6jul2007anon_partyhard32.swf345.1 KiB 38 pop
 APH6jul2007anon_partyhard33.swf242.3 KiB 46 pop
 APH6jul2007anon_partyhard34.swf336.3 KiB 244 pop
 APH6jul2007anon_partyhard35.swf357.1 KiB 46 pop
 APH6jul2007anon_partyhard36.swf696.3 KiB 23 pop
 APH6jul2007anon_partyhard37.swf337.8 KiB 92 pop
 APH6jul2007anon_partyhard38.swf350.1 KiB 46 pop
 APH6jul2007anon_partyhard39.swf946.5 KiB 23 pop
 APH6jul2007anon_partyhard40.swf950.3 KiB 15 pop
 APH5jul2007anon_partyhard21.swf354.8 KiB 137 pop
 APH5jul2007anon_partyhard22.swf399.2 KiB 38 pop
 APH5jul2007anon_partyhard23.swf846.5 KiB 46 pop
 APH5jul2007anon_partyhard24.swf598.1 KiB 31 pop
 APH5jul2007anon_partyhard25.swf218.7 KiB 31 pop
 APH5jul2007anon_partyhard26.swf224.1 KiB 23 pop
 APH5jul2007anon_partyhard27.swf243.5 KiB 46 pop
 APH5jul2007anon_partyhard28.swf213.1 KiB 31 pop
 APH5jul2007anon_partyhard29.swf421.5 KiB 84 pop
 APH5jul2007anon_partyhard30.swf722.2 KiB 69 pop
 INAC1jul2007One Piece Manga 001.swf6.38 MiB 0 pop
 LOOP1jul2007Its_a_party.swf3.47 MiB 46 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard2.swf208.6 KiB 98 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard3.swf359.8 KiB 83 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard4.swf354.5 KiB 91 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard5.swf339.8 KiB 76 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard6.swf582.5 KiB 61 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard7.swf242.7 KiB 68 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard8.swf193.0 KiB 53 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard9.swf517.7 KiB 561 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard10.swf206.6 KiB 15 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard11.swf220.2 KiB 121 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard12.swf337.7 KiB 15 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard13.swf594.9 KiB 15 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard14.swf172.9 KiB 30 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard15.swf373.5 KiB 8 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard16.swf488.0 KiB 38 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard17.swf183.9 KiB 30 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard18.swf477.7 KiB 15 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard19.swf472.6 KiB 159 pop
 APH23jun2007anon_partyhard20.swf825.0 KiB 91 pop
 CLIP22jun2007squirrel_melts.swf4.49 MiB 61 pop
 L∞P18jun2007BALLGAG.swf2.45 MiB 235 pop
 L∞P17jun2007Something_I_Said.swf2.75 MiB 68 pop
 L∞P8jun2007Laugh_under_electric.swf1.32 MiB 136 pop
 CLIP4jun2007lolicatgirls_origin.swf4.56 MiB 280 pop
 LOOP4jun2007lolicatgirls_pure.swf3.22 MiB 121 pop
 LOOP4jun2007lolicatgirls_high.swf2.54 MiB 5455 pop
 ANI30may2007Q-Gif_Montage_4.swf26.22 MiB 0 pop
 ANI30may2007Q-Gif_Montage_4--low.swf7.69 MiB 90 pop
 CLIP26may2007The_Nigger_Sheriff.swf6.87 MiB 128 pop
A good clip for some laughs.
 SOURCE:  Blazing Saddles (1974)
 ANI19may2007freefalling_save2.swf621.0 KiB 75 pop
Alternative version. Dunno why the audio quality went down this time since I exported it in the same way.
 SOURCE:  Tom Petty - Free Fallin'   +   Coda - Shiilol (Longcat's Song)
 ANI18may2007freefalling_save.swf735.2 KiB 714 pop
Probably the most horrible joke I've made in my life. Ever since I've been wondering who this person was. But at least it's better than the original that someone made just for shock value, right?
 SOURCE:  Tom Petty - Free Fallin'   +   DMX - Where the Hood At?
 L∞P11may2007sayonara_true.swf1.10 MiB 15 pop
 THRE11apr2007CnC_sex_life_quote_thread.swf1.98 MiB 157 pop
 THRE9apr2007Zone_Ballgag.swf1.45 MiB 45 pop
 CLIP6apr2007beautyandthe.swf5.01 MiB 97 pop
 ANI5apr2007foxhood.swf725.5 KiB 537 pop
 ANI5apr2007loitumahood.swf302.0 KiB 261 pop
 ANI4apr2007pineapple_dance_hood.swf231.2 KiB 231 pop
 LOOP1apr2007Christie_Never_Changes_Her_Expression.swf1.58 MiB 119 pop
Parody of some flashes that show how people always pose for cameras in a fixed way, this is very common in hentai. Primarily had this in mind when I made it. I liked how it turned out, but as I was fairly new to flash I didn't allow smoothing on the pictures which makes the flash look "blocky". Too bad.
 LOOP28mar2007sayonara.swf410.4 KiB 22 pop
 ANI22mar2007Q-Gif_Montage_3.swf10.86 MiB 7 pop
 ANI22mar2007Q-Gif_Montage_3--low.swf3.43 MiB 74 pop
 CLIP20mar2007Quark_is_Sorry.swf4.80 MiB 52 pop
 CLIP11mar2007Marge_has_Wisdom.swf2.36 MiB 30 pop
 CLIP11mar2007Jetsons_Future_Music.swf3.38 MiB 30 pop
 CLIP11mar2007Jetsons_Girltalk.swf2.02 MiB 30 pop
 CLIP6mar2007Rome_Rape.swf7.40 MiB 52 pop
I'm a big fan of BBC's two-seasoned "Rome" series and when I first saw this scene I knew it was relative to /f/'s interests. I know the word "rape" doesn't really fit in the context but meh. By today's standards it probably would.
 SOURCE:  Rome S02E07
 THRE27feb2007RIP_zone_thread.swf3.33 MiB 44 pop
My first attempt to archive a thread in flash format. Not very good since I didn't even know that you could set "smoothing" on images to improve readability. Also the music doesn't repeat unless the visuals do, which is just pure failure. I probably decided to save the thread because it was the first drama I experienced on /f/, surrounding the Zone-is-dead prank. This thread had a little taste of what's to come regarding Zone's gender, those few confused posts in it were probably the reason why RIP_zone2.swf came around and gave birth to the Zone-is-a-girl meme. Don't know the music, all I know is that it was used for the intro of Hentairella 1. You can click the logo to change to a different music that I don't know the source of either, it came from the aforementioned prank flash. Space bar pauses the scrolling.
 ANI21feb2007Q-Gif_Montage_2.swf24.93 MiB 0 pop
I remember staying up all night when I made this one. Think I worked seven hours straight on it before it was done. Of course I had long breaks before making the next one. Notably the source I put in this flash outside of the visuals is wrong. I'm a bit ashamed that I didn't research the source better, some guy used this in a game and had given wrong source of it and it was there I first got this from. Low quality version here.
 SOURCE:  Quad City DJs - Space Jam Super Slam Mix
 ANI21feb2007Q-Gif_Montage_2--low.swf7.82 MiB 103 pop
Low quality version of the second Q-Gif Montage. High quality here. The URL that leads to in the flash no longer works, it was an old site of mine back in the days.
 SOURCE:  Quad City DJs - Space Jam Super Slam Mix
 CLIP20feb2007Time_for_some_pain.swf4.27 MiB 7 pop
It's a commercial. The voice acting of that basket player is just terrible.
 ANI17feb2007Q-Gif_Montage.swf25.83 MiB 0 pop
Huge flash because there are lots and lots of jpg files in this thing. This is the first of four gif montages I ended up making, they turned out to be a success. Made this because I had a lot of gif images saved that was just collecting dust. No story behind the name, just wanted something before "gif montage" to separate the name from other montages. I first heard the song I used in this flash. In order to be able to post these montages on /f/ that only allows files up to 8 MiB in size, I made low quality versions. The low quality version for this first montage can be found here.
 SOURCE:  DJ WyZz - The 7th Inning Stretch
 ANI17feb2007Q-Gif_Montage--low.swf7.69 MiB 221 pop
Low quality version of the first Q-Gif Montage. High quality here. The URL that leads to in the flash no longer works, it was an old site of mine back in the days.
 SOURCE:  DJ WyZz - The 7th Inning Stretch
 CLIP9jan2007Demise_of_another_man.swf1.42 MiB 36 pop
I like how that line in spoken. This flash is special because it was the only thing that existed on for a long while during the time the site was built. Trivia: It says inside the flash (outside the visuals) that it was created January 9:th 2006. In reality it was created January 9:th 2007 but since it just recently became 2007 I typed 2006 out of old habit.
 SOURCE:  Pinky & The Brain - 1 - Das Mouse
 CLIP9dec2006Rock_Hard_Roar.swf1.33 MiB 7 pop
I thought her "grr" was pathetic so I made a flash of it. That's about it.
 SOURCE:  Pump Up the Volume (1990)
 CLIP9dec2006Dont_Go_Aang.swf884.3 KiB 14 pop
Guess I thought the face and voice combination looked weird enough to put the clip into a flash.
 SOURCE:  Avatar - The Last Airbender (S01E02: "The Avatar Returns", 2005)
 LOOP7dec2006adorable_kittens.swf1.39 MiB 428 pop
This flash became popular on /f/ as a reverse-scare flash ("when does the dead kitty come?"). I'd love to say that was my original intent, but the truth must come out: This is from YTMND! Aye, it's true. Eons ago I followed a link someone had sent me. I was presented with kitties and Zelda music and thought, "wonder how long it takes to convert one of these to flash?". A millisecond later it was done and a second later it was on /f/. All this time you've had fun with something that originally came from YTMND (like many other things), sorry fellas. I don't remember exact music source but it's the Kakariko Village theme from Zelda (maybe a OCRemix).
 LOOP20oct2006orlys.swf1.86 MiB 29 pop
The o rly meme had been around for a while when I made this. Just wanted to make something, no reason behind why I made it. Not sure what I was thinking with the red thing, guess I was just testing.
 SOURCE:  Ghost in the Shell 2nd GIG OST : 17 - We Can't Be Cool

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