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 SWF21jun2017valley.swf10.00 MiB 1750 pop
Felt like it was a while since someone made a 4chan-themed flash so I embarked on this project. The hardest part was to hunt down a 3D model of Yotsuba. I had seen one used in MMD videos (MikuMikuDance) but all links had 404'd. Eventually I got it from here: (pass: "yotuba"). Found the page somewhat early on but not the password. The model, titled "よつば" was made long ago by "namekoziru" (I think) in the year 2000 or earlier and I'm happy it wasn't lost forever. I used a plugin for Blender to convert the MMD .pmd format to .blend, which can be read by the Unity Game Engine. I'm not a 3D artist so yeah I used a game engine for this. MakeHuman was used to create the Anon model, came complete with a suit and shoes, just needed to change his skin color in Unity. The tie wasn't the correct color but it doesn't show from the intended camera angle. The landscape and trees/grass were made by the built-in tools in Unity (has SpeedTree among its standard assets package). Found free packages with the houses, the book, bottle, skybox and rock on Unity's asset store. Ground textures and the water (Water4) is also part of Unity's Standard Assets. I made C# scripts to loop the water waves seamlessly and also loop Yotsuba's hair seamlessly (fake wind). Anon and Yotsuba move their heads just a little too so they don't seem lifeless, loops seamless. Unity's built-in wind system controls the tree leaves and grass however so they don't repeat seamlessly, if you look on the ground you can see where it repeats with a fade. Tried to conceal it a little by timing the movement of the grass the best I could. The trees in the background are of lower level of detail than I intended, I forgot to remove the LOD models used to speed up testing before I made the final capture but it doesn't really look too different at that distance. Unity's own PostProcessing scripts were used to enhance the scene's colors a bit. I wrote a C# script that took care of capture, it slowed down the game and took a screenshot every frame in such a way that it looked normal when played back fast in a movie. It was kind of difficult to make the grass not clip through the book, I ended up rendering the cover of the book on top of the camera that rendered the rest of the screen. There's a screenshot of the small island in the river below the visuas. I wasn't sure what music I would use for this, picked one that I had made earlier that I felt suited the ambiance.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6unity
 AUDIO:  Voicians - Limbus

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