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In the late 80s most Swedes only had access to three TV channels but during a year or two my parents aquired one of thos pirate boxes that made it possible to watch many more. I can't remember if time had crossed over into the 90s or not but a few of my earliest TV memories was from watching cartoons on TV3. One day I came across this music on YouTube and although I haven't heard it before it invoked some serious nostalgia in me. So I found some early TV3 footage that they used between shows and made this loop. Made sure that brief music distortion caused by the VCR recording was included in the audio cut, it was important. I've no idea what the song title is, if it were ever given one. The channel broadcasted in most nordic countries; in the video you can see a girl holding balloons with the flags of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The threads of this flash seem to always become political due to recent immigration problems.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: The first TV3 vignette (they sing in 3 languages)
 AUDIO:  Schedule music from TV3 in 1990

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